Reverse Alzheimer’s… for under $5!

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It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for.

In the hunt for an Alzheimer’s remedy, it looks as if researchers may have found a treatment… perhaps even a cure!

You won’t be reading much about it, as it’s not a pill, a shot, or anything else that pads Big Pharma’s bottom line.

It’s a small, modest-looking green herb.

And even more exciting is the fact that you can grow it in your own backyard!

It’s called “gotu kola,” and practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine (the world’s oldest medical system, which originated in India) have known about it for centuries.

In fact, its more common name should give you a hint about its potential: the herb of longevity.

Of course, considering how well Big Pharma controls what the media reports, it’s a wonder that any news about gotu kola has managed to sneak out at all!

But this is what I’ve learned so far… and it’s absolutely remarkable.

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University and the Portland VA Medical Center have been hot on the trail of discovering how gotu kola can actually reverse Alzheimer’s symptoms!

One study in particular, published in the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, found that a water extract of the herb could “normalize” mice who were specially bred to have a brain mutation that mimics Alzheimer’s.

And all it took was two weeks for the rodents to perform just as well in maze and memory tests as the other mice.

But there’s more.

Other research, this time involving human subjects, found that only two months of taking extract of gotu kola (from 250 to 750 mg daily) could improve memory and problem-solving skills.

In still another study, seniors diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment were able to ace standard mental exams after taking 500 mg of gotu kola twice a day for six months.

And in yet further research with mice, the herb was discovered to reverse the brain plaques that are thought to be the hallmark signs of Alzheimer’s!

That’s something Big Pharma has already spent a fortune trying to do.

The Oregon researchers say that they plan to continue on and conduct clinical trials in patients. The “ultimate goal,” they say, is to gather enough evidence for gotu kola to be used by doctors for the “treatment or prevention” of Alzheimer’s.

That couldn’t be better news.

But you don’t have to wait another day to put this amazing herb to work for you.

Gotu kola supplements are already easily available — and as I mentioned, you can even grow your own!

Seeds and small plants can be found online, and they can be grown in pots or right in your garden.

A pack of 30 seeds will cost you under $5, which may be the most important investment you could make in your future!