These 3 simple steps can save your heart!

Dear Reader,

You quit smoking back when disco was trendy… eat all the fruits and veggies you can… and even go out for a walk every day whatever the weather!

Good work!

But it turns out that your heart could still be in big danger. And all from the effects of one or more poisons that it probably never crossed your mind to worry about.

I’m referring to heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and cadmium.

A new study on these compounds found something so frightening that the head researcher said that exposure to them should now be added to the list of known ways you can seriously damage your ticker.

So, here’s what you need to know about how to keep these sneaky toxins from sabotaging your health!

Researchers from around the world got together to carefully analyze dozens of studies on heavy metals and heart disease. Their review, just published in the BMJ, included details on nearly 350,000 subjects.

And what they found should serve as a loud warning for you to take whatever steps are necessary to avoid these heart-damaging substances.

Lead, it’s true, was phased out of gasoline and paint decades ago. And arsenic and cadmium aren’t exactly compounds that you expect to find in everyday products!

But shockingly, you and your family may well encounter them on a daily basis.

There are three important steps you can take, however, to lower your exposure.

#1 Ditch the decorated drinking glasses!

Studies have found that the lion’s share of decorated glasses and mugs for beer and wine — even tumblers for kids! — can contain high levels of cadmium and lead. It doesn’t matter if they’re brand-new or family heirlooms.

And these toxins have been found not just on the outside, but around the rim – right where your mouth goes!

#2 Take action at your tap.

Water, be it from a private well or supplied by your municipality, can contain high amounts of arsenic and lead. And it’s a problem for millions all over the U.S.

That’s why you should have your water tested ASAP — and ask your local water department for a copy of its yearly test for contaminants. A reverse-osmosis filter at your tap is the best way to remove these poisons.

#3 Junk the juices.

Arsenic is frequently found in grape and apple juices, which kids drink throughout the day – every day. It’s also often found in rice — including brown and white varieties, rice breakfast cereals, and baby foods.


And if you’re on a gluten-free diet, you’re probably consuming more rice and rice-based products than ever.

Some tips to lower your exposure include washing rice well before cooking, rotating it with other gluten-free grains (such as corn, millet, and quinoa), and ditching rice milk beverages and brown rice syrup.

To De-toxifying Your Diet,

Melissa Young