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Are you filling your home with the 'fragrances' of toxic chemicals?

You know those scented candles that have been an overpriced craze for the past 10 years?

Well, when you learn how the scent can affect you, it will give you one more reason to ignore the lure of “Birthday Cake” or “Gardenia Garden.”

A new study has identified certain chemicals — including those in scented candles — as “gerontogens.” That means they can actually accelerate aging in people exposed to them.

Chemicals in this category include both benzene and toluene. These petroleum derivatives are among the substances released into the air whenever you burn candles made with paraffin or soy wax.

Besides speeding up the process of getting older, researchers say breathing in such vapors can increase your risk of getting cancer.

Experts also warn that toxic soot from scented candles can remain in your house for a considerable time and even accumulate inside your air filter.

They say if you must burn a candle, be sure it’s made from 100 percent beeswax and has a cotton wick.

But don’t forget the easiest way to freshen the air inside. Open a window and let some fresh air do the trick.


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