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Presidential advisers become Gardasil pitchmen --and sweep its dangers under the rug

The frightening facts you won’t find in this Obama panel report

The stories are heartbreaking.

Beautiful, active, healthy girls and young women becoming disabled, suffering seizures and paralysis.

And dying in untold numbers.

Megan Hild is one of them.

As her mother stands where Megan’s ashes were scattered, she tells about “a very healthy, active young lady,” whose life was taken “without any warning.”

Megan suddenly died soon after getting her last of three Gardasil shots. She was only 20, attending college and hoping to become a radiologist.

Her mother is urgently pleading for answers. She is “desperately begging” Obama to “investigate this vaccine.”

“Please, Obama, help us,” she says, on the verge of tears.

But Megan’s mom isn’t likely to be getting any help from Obama.

Because the government is working hard to sell more Gardasil, not investigating whether young women like Megan are dying from it.

And its newest scheme is one aimed at helping Merck and Glaxo hit a grand slam.

I’ve been warning you about these shots since Day One. And thanks to more and more parents like Megan’s mom sharing their tragic stories, more moms and dads are learning about just how dangerous Gardasil and the other HPV vaccine, Cervarix, are. So sales have been dropping every year.

And that’s good news for many young girls…and even boys, who are also being targeted.

But when Big Pharma sees sales of a product going down, they call in the big guns.

Enter the President’s Cancer Panel.

In what sounds like a script written by Merck to sell its Gardisil shots, the panel recently issued a lengthy “report” for the purpose of “accelerating HPV vaccine uptake.”

It begins with a letter to Obama. It says that the panel “has exciting news to report to you” about how to “eliminate” certain types of cancers. It says that our children’s future is at stake.

And that’s the only part that’s true. For if the panel gets its way, our children’s future will be at stake.

While this sales campaign — one disguised as an official report — goes on and on about ways to increase sales of Gardasil, it ignores some very important facts.

Like more than 31,000 reports of adverse reactions to these HPV vaccines. Or the reports of scores of deaths linked to these shots.

And wait ’til you hear this frightening fact.

A review article published in the Annals of Medicine about Gardasil and Cervarix states that among their many side effects are “cervical cancers.”

That’s right, cervical cancers.

You don’t find that mentioned in the President’s Cancer Panel report.

You also don’t find mentions of convulsions, paralysis, shock, blood clots, Guillain-Barre syndrome, autoimmune diseases…and death. All of which are documented side effects from these vaccines.

In fact, the report only mentions a grand total of two reactions, “fainting” and “skin infections.” And it promises that the FDA and CDC will “continue to monitor the safety” of the vaccines and “follow up” on any “serious adverse events.”

Really? What about the thousands of “serious events” that have already taken place. Who is following up with those families?

But the whole idea that Gardasil will prevent cancer in the first place, well, even that “has not been demonstrated.” That’s what Canadian researchers said after a study of all “the available evidence” on the vaccine.

What the President’s Cancer Panel has outlined for Merck and Glaxo couldn’t be more of a marketing plan if it came straight from Madison Avenue. It calls for online campaigns and “communication strategies” using web sites, blogs, text messaging and social media.

And it aims for all those plans to be designed so they “resonate emotionally with parents.”

I think someone should tell that panel that when young women die after getting an unnecessary shot, it doesn’t get any much more emotional than that.



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