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What's really in those Zostavax shingles shots will make you shudder

The sinister secret vaccine pushers won’t be telling you about

Don’t be surprised if you get an email “from” your doctor reminding you to get a shingles shot.

It might have his name on it, but it’s really from Merck, who makes the vaccine.

It’s all part of a new scheme from Big Pharma to up sales. One to make sure patients are “compliant” with the CDC vaccine schedule. Merck is actually tracking you through electronic medical records it buys from “free” data services offered to doctors.

And it’s pulling out all the stops to sell its high-cost shingles vaccine. Non-stop television ads, pharmacy signs, brochures and now email advertising that pretends to be coming from your very own doctor.

But there’s something that won’t be included in that email. Not even in the fine print.

And you won’t find it on the release form you sign, or anywhere else for that matter.

Because if people really knew the truth about that shingles shot, no one would ever willingly roll up their sleeve to take it.

The commercials say “shingles, the inside story.”

But Merck will never tell you the real inside story. The story of what its vaccine contains.

When I first saw this on the list of ingredients in Merck’s Zostavax shot for shingles, I had no idea what it was.

Here is how it’s listed:

“Residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein”

So I did some research, and learned a horrifying fact that I first told you about in April.

Those MRC-5 cells came from a healthy 14-week old baby boy aborted in 1966.

Not only do they use these cells to make the shingles vaccine, but the shot also contains “residual components” of the cells, including its “DNA and protein.”

And even more shocking, if that’s possible, is another “cell culture” with another code name — WI-38. That came from a healthy 16-week old baby girl who was aborted in 1961.

I said worse, because that one is used in the Merck chickenpox vaccine called Varivax that’s given to children. Precious, innocent babies only a year old are being injected with aborted fetal cells!

But I wanted to know how the vaccine pushers could even attempt to explain away this horrific fact about these vaccines.

And this is what I found from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia:

“Viruses need cells to grow and tend to grow better in cells from humans than animals (because they infect humans).

“So, as scientists studied these viruses in the lab, they found that the best cells to use were the fetal cells mentioned above. When it was time to make a vaccine, they continued growing the viruses in the cells that worked best during these earlier studies.”

It also says that the fetal cells came from “elective termination of two pregnancies” in the 1960s.

So really they have nothing to say beyond admitting what these vaccines are made from. Because there’s nothing they can say that would justify using cells from unborn babies and hiding it from us.

While we can’t stop this, we can tell as many people as possible about this sickening practice.

We can tell the real “inside story” about the shingles vaccine — even if those commercials never, ever will.

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