Optimal brain health requires something that many people try to reduce to the lowest level

Speaking of things doctors, dole out like candy…

One of the greatest risks of statin drugs is that they deprive your brain of one very important fuel…


New research reveals that cholesterol basically persuades certain brain cells produce dopamine.

And you do NOT want to impede dopamine production.

Dopamine plays a key role in cognition, memory, mood, sleep regulation, and voluntary movement. Low dopamine is a key cause of Parkinson’s disease.

The new study even suggests that cholesterol molecules might treat Parkinson’s.

Huh! Imagine that. Cholesterol therapy!

Here’s a quote from the research… “Cholesterol is extremely important for the body, and in particular for the development and function of the brain.”

I wonder if that message will ever get through to the cholesterol-deprived brains of mainstream doctors.

“Fat influences decisions taken by brain cells for production and survival” Karolinska Institutet press release, 12/23/12, eurekalert.org

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