Popular supplement now shown to stop deadly epidemics

Members of the Health Sciences Institute have known the advantages of selenium supplements for several years. Our medical advisor, Martin Milner, N.D., has long used it in his cancer protocol to reduce the complications from chemotherapy and to increase general longevity. Now there’s evidence that selenium may protect you from serious viral infections and stop the spread of resistant and deadly viruses to your family and friends.

Recent animal research shows that selenium stops viruses from mutating and becoming more potent. When deficient mice were injected with a flu virus, the microbe’s potency increased so much that they suffered from viral symptoms more than 3 times longer than infected mice receiving the selenium.

But it’s not just the flu virus that may function like this. Some scientists believe this is how Ebola, HIV, and similar viruses become more powerful and grow resistant to drugs. In fact, a British researcher suggests that low selenium levels may even be part of the reason mad-cow disease spread so quickly throughout Europe.

Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral with antioxidant powers – and it used to be abundant in the soil. But, pesticides and modern farming methods have depleted as much as 80% of it. Supplementing with it could protect you and your loved ones from fatal infections.