Mainstream researchers "discover" herpes link

For years, we at the Health Sciences Institute have been warning you that the herpes virus is the cause of many serious disorders. Now, scientists claim they’re the first to “make the connection” between herpes and neuropathy, a nerve disorder – even though it’s widely known that shingles is caused by the virus. The study found that herpes was the cause of neuropathy even though the telltale rash of shingles was missing. The herpes virus was located in samples of spinal fluid and researchers treated patients with antiviral drugs to wipe out the infection. As the virus was wiped out, their neuropathy also disappeared or was markedly reduced.

While this research may be a revelation to the University of Colorado researchers, it’s “old hat” to HSI members who first learned more than five years ago about the danger of allowing the herpes virus to go untreated.

Getting rid of the infection is another area in which the researchers came in second. The scientists used side-effect-causing drugs to tackle the infections. Unfortunately, that approach isn’t always successful or permanent. Our members, however, have been using Larreastat, a plant-based treatment that’s been proven effective 99.7% of the time. Available as either a topical cream or as a capsule, Larreastat is made from the ancient American Larrea tridentata bush, is available without a prescription, and is inexpensive.

If you’re suffering from a herpes infection and want to wipe it out without risking a relapse, you may want to try Larreastat. Used for centuries by Native Americans and early European settlers, Larrea is a potent antimicrobial. Refer to your August 1997 Members Alert for more information on how Larreastat defeats the herpes virus.

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