Lupus sufferer feels "Like a million bucks"

For 16 years, Antoinette tried every imaginable mainstream and alternative “cure” to overcome the degenerative effects of lupus and fibromyalgia. These mysterious diseases have bewildered medical experts for decades. Now, if Antoinette’s experience is an indication, a solution may have been discovered in a special combination of supplements called Myco+ derived from rain-forest plants.

She’s been taking these herbal capsules from Raintree Nutrition for 18 months and reports she hasn’t felt this good in years. And, even her traditional doctors have approved this alternative therapy, because they have seen that it doesn’t have any side effects or interfere with her ongoing mainstream treatment.

After waiting 16 years to find a treatment, she was thrilled to get results after only 60 days of supplementing with these Amazonian herbs. This therapy makes her feel “like a million bucks” every day. She says she feels the impact of each day’s pills within 30 minutes of taking them. She doesn’t feel edgy, depressed, moody, “headachy,” or manic. Her moods have evened out, and she feels more and more like her old self.

Antoinette’s experience is just one example of the success of Myco+. You’ll read all about the science and research behind it in your July Members Alert. But we didn’t want you to wait for the “nuts and bolts” if you or a loved one is suffering from one of these diseases and could begin benefiting right away.

For more information or to order Myco+, contact Raintree Nutrition at (800) 780-5902 or (512) 833-5006.