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Magic mushroom compound, psilocybin, relieves terminal cancer patients’ depression and anxiety

Could this be the MAGIC BULLET for cancer patients who’ve lost all hope?

Your doc will tell you there’s no “silver bullet”… or “magic pill”… to FIX the way you’re feeling.

You’ve got cancer, and it’s serious. It’s threatening your life.

Anyone would feel demoralizeddepressed… and stressed out.

But I’m here today to tell you that your doc is wrong.

Because it turns out there IS something that can SWEEP away those dark clouds of depression and anxiety

And all it takes is just ONE SINGLE DOSE.

Even better?

Its effects can last FOR YEARS.

The secret lies inside an all-natural therapy – one that’s been MISUNDERSTOOD for too long.

But fortunately, the tide has turned.

Here’s the MIND-BENDING evidence that the “experts” have been wrong all along!

When all hope is lost…

When you hear about “magic mushrooms,” you probably think about college kids on a psychedelic trip at Woodstock during the Summer of Love.

But it turns out what makes those mushrooms “magic” – a compound called psilocybin – could be the secret to making the toughest fight of your life BEARABLE.

The latest news comes out of a research team at New York University, which discovered the very real THERAPEUTIC benefits of this MALIGNED substance and its shroomy source.

In 2016, they’d already established that psilocybin helped terminally-ill cancer patients feel less hopeless… and improved quality of life.

Miraculously, it improved depression and anxiety RIGHT AWAY.

That immediate gratification is CRUCIAL when you haven’t got much time to spare!

And that first study found that the effects lasted more than 6 months for up to 80% of the participants.

But here’s the latest…

With the researchers’ follow-up on those same patients, that good news gets even BETTER.

Because the positive effects of psilocybin ENDURED… more than 4 years later!

And what WOULDN’T cancer patients given less than 5 years to live do to make their remaining time on earth a little easier?

The truly shocking part of this latest science is that the cancer patients took just A SINGLE DOSE of psilocybin.

Scientists say they don’t know WHY the psychedelic shroom works…

But here’s what I say.

If it helps you feel LESS DISTRESSED in a time when you’re facing your own mortality


Less than HALF  of cancer patients get ANY relief from regular ol’ antidepressants

And those mood pills won’t do a thing to help you come to terms with the projected end of your life.

It appears as though psilocybin can.

Now, both of these studies… the original and its follow-up… looked at a pretty small sample of participants.

But this is really the FIRST time anybody has found ANYTHING that helps relieve the MISERY of terminal cancer patients.

While we wait for future research, three American cities  have already decriminalized psilocybin-containing mushrooms – including Denver, Oakland, and Santa Cruz, California.

The entire state of Oregon  could be next.

The feds, however, are DRAGGING their feet.

According to the U.S. government, psilocybin is a Schedule I controlled substance  – which means officials are still DENYING that it has any medicinal value.

But don’t use that as an excuse to try taking one of these hallucinogenic mushrooms at home without medical supervision.

The LAST thing you need right now is a “bad trip.”

And you need a tested, pure form of psilocybin… in just the right dose…

NOT a “party drug”!

Stay tuned right here to eAlert for updates on where you can get your own medicinal supply, in standardized extract form.

To relief that lasts,

Melissa Young