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OBLITERATE cancer cells with eggplant extract

It’s the most common type of cancer out there — one whose cases OUTNUMBER all other cancers COMBINED.

Fortunately, even conventional medicine considers it “treatable”… with surgery and chemo.

But those “treatments” can leave you DISFIGURED… and ASHAMED of how you look!

And even then, they might not catch ALL of the cancer… sending you back to SQUARE ONE when it REAPPEARS.

They can also break the bank.

Over a dozen years ago, Big Pharma ABANDONED an affordable, natural alternative that can ERASE this type of cancer

But fortunately, you can still get a version of it today from the doctor who invented it.

Here’s how.

The ol’ Trojan horse works every time

If you’ve ever dined out for Italian or Greek food, you’ve certainly come across a dish made with eggplant.

This purple-skinned vegetable is actually the BERRY of a nightshade plant known as Solanum melongena.

And while it tastes good… and is high in fiber… it’s not particularly heralded for its nutritional content.

That’s a SHAME…

Because it contains KNOWN cancer killersincluding pigments called anthocyanins (which give eggplant its dark hue) and a polyphenol called chlorogenic acid.

The earliest discovery of eggplant as a possible anti-cancer agent came about in the early 19th century.

Since then, we’ve discovered that eggplant extracts have the potential to beat back…

  • blood cancer, like leukemia
  • bone cancer, specifically osteosarcoma
  • colon cancer
  • gastric cancer
  • liver cancer
  • lung cancer, and
  • non-melanoma skin cancer.

That last one has turned out to be the most exciting… and well-studied… of all of the oncological targets of eggplant.

Because LOCKED AWAY inside of this Mediterranean veggie are skin cancer-CURING substances known as glycoalkaloids — specifically, Solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides (BEC).

I’m talking about TWO of the most common types of skin cancer… basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma… as well as other MALIGNANT skin cancers like Kaposi’s sarcoma.

BEC has even been shown to work against benign skin lesions known as keratoses (specifically, keratoacanthoma and actinic keratosis).

One of the reasons it works is that glycosides are sugar molecules – and as you know, cancer cells can’t get ENOUGH of sugar!

Those glycosides act as a kind of “Trojan horse” to USHER the other KILLER COMPOUNDS past all of the cancer cells’ outer defenses.

As a result, you could see COMPLETE REGRESSION.

That’s a little more than 3 months… which means you could be CANCER-FREE by summer.

Unfortunately, you can’t just load up on eggplant parm to ERASE your cancer.

You need a patented, standardized version of this eggplant extract.

You can find the specific formulation you’ll want in a topical cream called Curaderm BEC5, available online.

It comes from Dr. Bill E. Cham, who’s been pioneering this cancer cure for over 40 years.

You can read more about it in Dr. Cham’s book The Eggplant Cancer Cure.