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Flu? Feel better in 24 hours… thanks to this German ‘berry trick’

It’s not just your imagination…

Flu season IS worse this year. (And not just because of all those people arriving from China.)

If you’ve managed to DODGE the influenza virus so far, good job.

But we’ve got more than a month left of winter. And the battle isn’t over yet.

There’s something that’s a CRUCIAL part of your flu prevention plan

And if you DO get sick, it can EASE flu symptoms… and SLASH your recovery time in HALF.

Ancient Greece’s “father of medicine,” Hippocrates, described this antiviral berry

as his “medicine chest”…

Because it seemed to cure SO MANY health concerns!

Maybe that’s why its cultivation has been documented all the way back to the Stone Age.

But we’re STILL learning about all the things it can do to benefit our health!

The 2-day secret to RIDDING yourself of the flu

By now, you’ve probably already heard how elderberry has become renowned for its immune-boosting properties.

This antioxidant berry comes from the black elder tree (Sambucus nigra), which the ancient Druids REVERED as both benevolent and protective.

The first book about its medicinal properties, later translated into Latin as Anatomia Sambuci, was written in the early 17th century by German physician Martin Blochwich.

It’s STILL the definitive text for the medicinal properties of elderberry

And elderberry is STILL used in mainstream medicine today.

Well, in Germany, anyway.

In this country, we’re still coming around to acknowledging what the Europeans have known for HUNDREDS of years.

If the flu has already got you in its CLUTCHES, elderberry can help you become SYMPTOM-FREEin less than 48 hours.

Even better, you could START feeling better within just ONE DAY.

And thanks to a recent study out of Australia, we now know EXACTLY how it works.

At later stages of infection, it turns out that elderberry extract TRIGGERS a pro-inflammatory immune response.

Specifically, it stimulates the cells that have gotten infected to RELEASE inflammatory markers known as cytokines that fight off and KILL the virus.

Release the hounds!

Now, hopefully you’re NOT sick yet… and you WON’T get sick at all!

Elderberry can help make sure of that.

Researchers identified the primary preventative compound in elderberry as cyanidin 3-glucoside (or “cyn 3-glu” for short).

It’s a type of plant pigment known as an anthocyanidin – the same thing that gives elderberry its dark purple to almost black color.

The pigment works to BLOCKADE certain proteins associated with the flu virus so that it can’t ATTACH to… or especially ENTER… your healthy cells in the early stages of infection. 

This colorful compound won’t, however, doesn’t deploy the troops when isolated on its own…

Which is why you want to use whole elderberry extract or syrup.

There’s plenty of other “good stuff” in the berry that we don’t know much about yet.

But we DO know that it works!