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Put the SQUEEZE on varicose veins with this biblical oil

When it’s cold out like it is now, you can hide those ugly veins that are BULGING out of your legs.

Once the mercury rises… and the warm weather hits… are you going to keep covering up those lumps?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Varicose veins hit approximately HALF of all folks over age 50.

But just because you’re in good company doesn’t mean you want to show off those discolored thighs and calves in shorts and skirts.

Sure, you could have those dark, lumpy veins surgically removed

But in too many folks, they can come back… within just 10 years!

And varicose vein surgery may improve the APPEARANCE of your legs…

But it WON’T address the underlying cause.

There is something else, however, that WILL.

It’s an evergreen tree – one that dates back to the Old Testament!

Turns out it can make those unsightly blue and purple lines DISAPPEAR… by stimulating your SLUGGISH circulation.

The wood of the holy cross

The cypress tree (Cupressus sempervirens) is a conifer found growing in the most ancient of biblical lands.

As it NEVER sheds its needles… and ALWAYS stays green… it’s come to symbolize strength and prosperity.

Back in biblical times, it was considered an IDEAL building material… recommended by God himself!

Its wood was used to construct the very first temples of worship… and it was the very same lumber that Noah used to build his ark

Cypress even formed parts of the cross that Jesus was crucified upon.

By steam distilling the young twigs, stems, and needles of this holy tree, you get an essential oil that can ERASE varicose veins.

It does so by SUPPORTING your circulation in certain key ways – especially by REGULATING your blood flow.

Now, normal, healthy veins are usually a “one-way street” – blood flows in one direction and doesn’t “back up,” thanks to valves that open and close

In varicose veins, a portion of the blood starts moving backward… in the WRONG direction.

The blood POOLS in your veins… and STRETCHES their walls until they bulge.

As your veins become FILLED with stagnant blood, they harden… and change color as the blood loses the oxygen it was carrying.

That’s why they look purple… or even blue.

The stiffer your veins become… the less they’re able to PUMP the blood back into your heart.

And this can weaken your entire circulatory system.

It’s a vicious cycle that can really hit you hard if you’re a little on the older side… and don’t get up and moving as often as you used to.

Fortunately, cypress essential oil acts as a natural vasoconstrictor when applied to the skin outside those ugly veins.

By CONTRACTING the walls of your veins, it STIMULATES your blood flow… so that it can circulate to your heart the way it’s supposed to.

There are several different types of cypress essential oils out there – but for varicose veins, you’ll want Mediterranean cypress.

Massage 2-3 drops directly on the affected area, twice daily. You shouldn’t need to dilute it or combine it with a carrier oil — but if you choose to, coconut and jojoba oils are good options.

You should notice a difference within several weeks .

But first, it’s best to test it on a patch of skin to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction or show any sensitivity to it.

And never, ever ingest it!

Finally, try to get in a little movement if you can. The natural contractions of your muscles will do wonders for keeping your blood moving along the way that it should!