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Is your libido LAGGING? Here’s a wake-up call

You remember the EXACT moment it happened…

When “the look” from your wife went from “Let’s go”… to “Oh no, not again.

She doesn’t even want to TRY anymore…

And every time you DO try to pleasure her… you only seem to FAIL.

Even if your HEART is into it… your MIND and BODY just can’t seem to follow suit.

But you don’t have to live out the rest of your “golden years” getting the cold shoulder.

Because there’s a SEXUAL tonic from the arid lands of China that can NOURISH your desire

And help you DELIVER — without missing a beat.

Just like lighting a match

First recorded in the ancient text known as Shennong Bencao Jing, an herb nicknamed “desert ginseng” has been GUARANTEEING satisfaction in the bedroom for nearly 2,000 years.

It’s not technically ginseng…

But the Chinese have grown accustomed to calling it that because of how GOOD it makes them feel!

Its real name is cistanche (Cistanche salsa or Cistanche deserticola). In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they say that it “tonifies” your “yang” – or tunes up your “male energy.”

When your yang is sagging… your fire has lost its heat.

But cistanche can help you REKINDLE those flames, as it…

  • BOOSTS energy
  • ENHANCES sexual potency
  • STRENGTHENS performance
  • LIFTS your mood by boosting certain brain chemicals
  • BALANCES hormone levels, and
  • IMPROVES blood flow

The key to its success in the sack is its rich content of active compounds in its succulent, fleshy stems.

Research has found that the antioxidant known as acteoside can help you get back in the game faster

BOTH of these substances have become RENOWNED for their anti-aging powers

And what could make you feel YOUNGER than hopping in and out of the sack like a jackrabbit?

Check with a Chinese herbalist (sometimes also an acupuncturist) on where to get the best supply of cistanche, which the Chinese call Rou Cong Rong.

A typical dosage is 6-21 g of its powder form or 2-4 ml of its liquid form (a.k.a. tincture).