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CONQUER ‘the change’ like A CHAMP with this Chinese secret

Your head is in the clouds… and you feel down in the dumps.

You haven’t felt this way since you were a teenager…

But what you’re going through now is REVERSE puberty!

I’m talking about menopause.

They all called it “the curse” when you got your first period…

But you REALLY started feeling CURSED once those cycles stopped!

You no longer feel like the sharpest knife in the drawer… your energy levels have plummeted… and your bones are getting as brittle as can be.

And instead of “hot to trot”… you just feel debilitating waves of HEAT washing over you, without warning.

Don’t let menopause bring you down.

Fortunately, there’s an East Asian secret that can help.

Believe it or not, it’s a nutritious vegetable… whose estrogen-like properties can COOL and CALM you!

The ‘M word’

You might’ve stopped thinking about yams once the holidays were over…

But there’s ANOTHER tuber with a similar name that you’ll want to focus on all year if you’re going through “the change.”

I’m talking about the Chinese yam (Dioscorea polystachya).

In Japan, they call it “nagaimo” (or “long yam”)…

And practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine refer to it as “shan yao,” which translates to mean “mountain medicine.”

Also called the “cinnamon vine” because the plant’s flowers smell like cinnamon, Chinese yam isn’t like the sweet potato-related ingredient you put in your Thanksgiving casserole and top with marshmallows.

While plenty of folks in Asian countries like China, Japan, and Korea enjoy cooking with and eating it…

This root vegetable is like MEDICINE for your menopause!

Its roots – the fleshy part you eat — contain a phytoestrogen (or plant-based estrogen) called diosgenin.

That’s why TCM uses it to strengthen female energy, or “yin.”

And it turns out, Chinese yam may also help boost your NATURAL levels of estrogen and/or progesterone… both of which take a NOSEDIVE during and after menopause.

As a result, Chinese yam has been traditionally used to…

  • COOL hot flashes and night sweats
  • SOOTHE mood swings gently
  • STRENGTHEN bone and stave off bone loss, and
  • ENHANCE cognitive function.

Imagine no longer struggling with “brain fog”… and FINALLY getting the restful sleep you so desperately need!

Now, you can find Chinese yam at your local specialty Asian grocer…

But for a therapeutic dose, see a Chinese herbalist.

Don’t mistake Chinese yam for “wild yam,” which is a different tuber (although it has some similar benefits).

In TCM, Chinese yam is often combined with other menopause-relieving herbs, like schisandra.