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TERRIFYING outbreak out of Asia puts older Americans in its crosshairs

At the end of last year, a mystery virus BROKE OUT on the other side of the world…

And over the course of just one month, it’s INFECTED more than 600 people

Officials have confirmed that at least 18 people have died from this highly contagious, airborne virus

But according to some reports, more deaths may have NOT been reported… or included in the public statistics.

It seems to be TARGETING older folks, nearly half of which have had underlying medical conditions.

Thanks to a newly-formed TASK FORCE, the rest of the population exposed to the virus are being QUARANTINED where it was first detected.

But that LOCK-DOWN hasn’t stopped this terrifying pathogen from crossing our borders!

As a result, the World Health Organization is on the verge of declaring a public health emergency.

In the meantime, officials don’t seem to be RAMPING UP their response fast enough to CATCH UP to this viral infection.

They’re telling us not to PANIC… but they may not be telling us EVERYTHING.

The devil we don’t know

This latest outbreak is of a pneumonia-like infection caused by a class of viruses called “coronavirus” (Coronaviridae).

This specific strain has NEVER been detected in humans before… and health experts are STILL trying to figure out what exactly it is.

Like other coronaviruses, this latest infection spread to humans from animals  – allegedly, a DIRTY food market in Wuhan that was selling exotic animals, like snakes, and their meat.

Sound familiar?

The devastating SARS outbreak of 2002… which INFECTED over 8,000 and KILLED nearly 800 … started by eating an exotic animal known as the civet cat!

We do know that antibiotics are USELESS in fighting ANY viral infection, including this one.

And it’s SO contagious… it spreads more easily than Ebola!

But here’s the kicker — it’s also difficult to diagnose, because INFECTED people might not be showing any symptoms yet!

That long incubation period is probably the biggest reason for the recent BAN on travel out of the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus first transmitted to people.

Wuhan’s population tops out over 11 million people, nearly 3 million MORE than America’s biggest metropolis, New York City.

And authorities have RUSHED to establish the Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in the city.

The timing of this couldn’t be WORSE…

January is annually the busiest travel period of the year for the people of China – with folks celebrating the “Spring Festival,” a.k.a. Lunar or Chinese New Year, the BIGGEST travel event in the world.

Some Chinese citizens have been STOPPED by armed guards at the city’s biggest train station… while others just BARELY managed to catch the last train out.

And who knows where they were headed?

At the airport, only a third of the flights out were canceled as of Thursday. Some of the remaining ones might’ve landed within striking distance of where you live.

Even the director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Disease has said that she expects “additional cases in the United States.”

Now, you don’t need me to tell you to keep China off your vacation schedule for 2020… or to keep exotic animals and seafood off your plate.

But what if someone brings this Chinese mystery virus to your doorstep?

A vaccine in development now could be at least a year away.

Be vigilant about the most common symptoms – which include difficulty breathing, cough, and fever – and seek medical attention right away.

As you can catch this coronavirus through contact with your mouth, nose or eyes after touching an infected surface… wash your hands with soap and water!

You can also catch it through personal contact with an infected person (who may be coughing and sneezing)… so you can protect yourself by wearing a mask that can protect against the bugs in public.

And keep taking those vitamins to keep your immune system in tip-top shape!