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JUMPSTART sluggish bone regeneration with this ‘sea mineral’

An estimated 18 million Americans have bones that aren’t as dense as they SHOULD be…

And as a result, they’re staring down the barrel of full-blown osteoporosis.

But it’s not too late for them… or for you.

Because there’s a way protect against bone loss… and PRESERVE and even IMPROVE bone density

Even if you’re more prone to lower bone mineral density and age-related changes that can render your bones THIN and BRITTLE.

Older gals, that means YOU – because your risk of developing osteoporosis is 5X greater!

And that can set you up for DISABLING bone breaks that could STEAL your independence.

Supplementing with calcium alone might not be enough to reverse the course you’re on…

And vitamin D on its own just won’t do, either.

You need to add something ELSE to the mix… something that can help form NEW bone cells, using your body’s own natural processes!

3 steps to spur bone growth

As time passes, both minerals and mass get STRIPPED from your bones.

But there’s a way to GROW new bone cells… and REBUILD that lost bone mass!

It’s all thanks to a substance naturally found in both seawater and some food sources (more on that in a moment).

It’s an edible, soluble form of the mineral silica, known as orthosilicic acid.

It works WONDERS in supporting your bone health by taking advantage of the natural life cycle of your bone tissue.

You see, when you’re young, your bones are constantly REGENERATING themselves.

By now, WHO KNOWS how many skeletons you’ve cycled through in your lifetime?!

But this process of “recycling” bone material (a.k.a. “remodeling”) – that is, breaking down old bone cells and reusing the minerals to create new bone cells – starts to slow down as you get older.

In fact, at some point you could end up LOSING more bone than your body can replace!

Fortunately, orthosilicic acid acts like a pair of jumper cables on that process, by…

  1. TRIGGERING collagen production to strengthen bones and cushion joints
  2. BOOSTING the development of bone-building cells (a.k.a. osteoblasts), and
  3. INHIBITING the formation and activity of bone-destroying cells (a.k.a. osteoclasts).

And it’s been shown to work in both men and women.

You can find precursors to orthosilicic acid in seafood, some vegetables, and less refined whole grains like oats and barley.

Researchers have found that women with osteoporosis who eat a diet that includes 40 mg  of dietary silicon have stronger bones than those who consume lower doses.

But if you’re like most Americans, you could be getting as little as HALF of that

And older folks’ bodies have a harder time converting the silicon found in those foods into a form it can use (a.k.a. orthosilicic acid).

For the most bioavailable version of orthosilicic acid, consider such supplement forms as liquid, stabilized orthosilicic acid concentrate… or choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid.

And don’t forget to combine your calcium tablets with vitamin D3 and vitamin K.