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Mainstream ROCKED by ‘gold standard’ study on China’s cancer-fighting secret

What a recent cancer trial found is so “promising”… it’s turning heads…

Even among mainstream skeptics!

It’s not for a new chemo drug… or a cutting-edge procedure.

For those of us “in the know,” what the researchers found has been a cancer fighter in-the-making for the last 2,000 years.

The latest headline-grabbing study… conducted according to the “gold standard” of clinical trials… focuses the spotlight on something the mainstream probably NEVER thought it would EVER accept.

It’s one of the 50 fundamental herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

It’s cheapsafe… and widely available.

So, if you’ve got a target on your back when it comes to one of the Top 3 most common cancers… and the second-biggest cause of cancer death… here’s what you need to know right away.

Slam the brakes on colon cancer precursors

You may have already heard of berberine

And how this plant chemical (or “alkaloid”) can help CONTROL blood sugarTURBOCHARGE your metabolism… and KICK infections to the curb.

But there’s another HUGE benefit to add to that list.

And it’s SO impressive, even the ultra-mainstream media has been FORCED to acknowledge it!

According to a recently published study out of China… as reported in MedPage Today… this Chinese herbal compound can help beat back colon cancer.

The researchers studied patients who’d ALREADY had polyps removed from their colons… and were in the crosshairs for developing MORE precancerous lesions.

Those who took berberine fared better than their counterparts, who took placebo.

That meant significantly LESS recurrence of both colorectal adenomas AND polypoid lesions — over the course of a median follow-up of two years.

Both of those conditions are red flags for colon cancer, with adenomas in particular contributing to about 80% of colorectal cancers.

And without them, a patient who’s gone through a polypectomy would be given a clean bill of health.

This confirms what a 2015 study on mice suggested in terms of berberine’s anti-cancer potential.  

But now, we’ve seen those same types of results in PEOPLE.

And that means berberine has gotten over one of the biggest hurdles facing time-tested, traditionally used natural cures

A lack of human clinical trials!

This latest study was of the highest quality possible – randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled.

All three of those factors together help ELIMINATE the possibility of any outside influence on the results.

Now, further research needs to be done to understand HOW berberine beats back colon cancer.

But because there were no serious adverse events in this latest study… and because berberine is one of the SAFEST herbs you can take…

There’s nothing stopping you from trying it out for yourself while you wait for future studies to get funded.

Just check with your doc before starting any new supplement routine – especially if you’re already on blood sugar-lowering drugs. Berberine’s antidiabetic effects could make your blood glucose dip too low.

The berberine used in this latest study was extracted from Chinese goldthread (Coptis chinensis), but there’s no indication that other plant sources are any less effective.

The dosage used in the study was 0.6 grams, split into two doses a day. Other studies show you can safely go up to 1.5 grams total daily, depending on your specific needs.

Either way, it’ll cost you just pennies a day.

Not bad for the PRICELESS protection against cancer that it offers!