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Your aging brain needs THESE overlooked nutrients for MAXIMUM power

Once you reach a “certain age”… your word choices start to change.

No, you won’t start using slang terms like “humdinger” or “whippersnapper” (unless you start binge-watching Turner Classic Movies).

But at some point, you’ll find yourself calling EVERYBODY “whatshisface” and EVERYTHING as “whatchamacallit.”

You may remember those names and faces… EVENTUALLY… but the time you spend stammering and searching is a DEAD GIVEAWAY of the secret you’re trying to hide.

You’re in the crosshairs for age-related memory impairment.

And it may ONLY get worse… unless you do something about it right now.

You can support your good brain performance naturally – and with LASTING results!

A fruit boost for your brain

You may not feel like you’re firing on all cylinders until you’ve had your morning coffee

But it turns out if you ONLY feed products made from coffee BEANS to your brain, you’re DEPRIVING it of what could help it reach its FULL potential!

It’s time to stop IGNORING coffee fruit.

Now, the fruit of the coffee (or Coffea arabica) plant is called a “cherry”… but it’s not the same as the wild cherries, sour cherries, or maraschino cherries you may be more familiar with.

For as long as coffee farmers have harvested the seeds – or “beans” – from these plants to roast and turn into our favorite brews, the “cherry” part has been a waste byproduct.

But that has started to change…

And it turns out that this “throw-away” part of the plant is actually a brain-boosting HERO!

Whole coffee fruit extract is unique in how it increases the levels of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

That’s an action that hasn’t been found in other neuroprotective nutrients – not even coffee bean extract!

And BDNF is essential for both remembering what you ALREADY know… and learning NEW information.

It’s also vital to successfully executing higher levels of thinking.

There is a product that contains a patented form of whole coffee cherry extract

It’s called Neurofactor, marketed by a British company called Reckitt Benckiser as part of its formula called Neuriva,

It’s relatively new to the market, but the science behind it is solid… and has been firmly established over the last several years.

You COULD get Neurofactor on its own…

But Neuriva contains another brain nutrient to make a double whammy out of your supplementation routine.

It’s Sharp PS, a branded form of a type of brain-protecting fat (or “phospholipid”) called phosphatidylserine.

As you already know, your young, healthy brain is comprised of nearly 60% fat

But as you age… and your brain shrinks… you LOSE some of that fat.

But you just can’t get enough of it from the food you eat.

In past research, people who’ve supplemented with phosphatidylserine have shown improvements in…

  • short-term memory
  • learning
  • verbal fluency
  • concentration
  • mood
  • and more.

And in studies where participants supplemented with this fatty substance over the course of 6 months… the benefits CONTINUED even 3 months AFTER they’d stopped taking it!

Imagine being able to AVOID embarrassment… and be able to recall names and words with ZERO effort!

It could happen, thanks to phosphatidylserine…

Even the FDA has admitted that this fatty substance “may reduce the risk of dementia and cognitive dysfunction in the elderly”!

Again, you could take phosphatidylserine on its own…

But why stop there?

You can now get BOTH of these brain nutrients… the whole coffee cherry extract and the phospholipid… in the one easy supplement I just mentioned, called Neuriva.

A typical recommendation is 300 mg, split into three doses a day.