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Big Chem poison plot EXPOSED – but here’s why you’re STILL at risk

It’s the perfect crime.

They poison their victim slowly… with tiny amounts… over long periods of time… and it’s practically imperceptible.

As you get sicker and sicker, no one even THINKS to point the finger at them.

And they’ve got plenty of time to cover their tracks.

No, this isn’t the plot of the latest “whodunit” blockbuster… or an episode of Murder, She Wrote

It’s VERY real.

We’ve ALL been poisoned over the course of several DECADES – for some of us, our entire LIFETIMES.

And one of the perpetrators is one of the biggest corporations in America.

Are chemicals COURSING through your veins?

It’s one of the SICKEST ironies of Corporate America.

The industrial giant that created the non-stick surface known as “Teflon,” DuPont, managed to shake off nearly ALL regulations since its invention just after World War II.

Even when Cincinnati attorney Robert Bilott uncovered the chemical warfare that DuPont had engaged in by dumping perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in a landfill…

Accusations of how it was POISONING local communities just SLID right off the company.

That was 2001.

In 2012, a panel of experts finally acknowledged PFOA’s link to no less than SIX serious diseases:

  1. kidney cancer
  2. testicular cancer
  3. thyroid disease
  4. high cholesterol
  5. pregnancy-induced hypertension (a.k.a. pre-eclampsia), and
  6. ulcerative colitis.

I’d be surprised if MORE don’t get added to that list. That same expert panel identified NUMEROUS “probable” links to OTHER diseases, too.

OF COURSE they did!

PFOA is a known endocrine disruptor that can throw your hormones out of balance. And that’s enough to send a cascade of dominoes tumbling down.

And although PFOA is no longer being used in manufacturing in this country… and emissions and dumping have been ERADICATED…

We’re STILL being exposed to it.

And not just from our old pots and pans — but from the drinking water, too.

You see, PFOA doesn’t just GO AWAY after you dump it. It PERSISTS in the environment – and for longer than you’d ever imagine.

Here’s the really SICK part of this… and the story that’s being told in the recently released movie Dark Waters

SECRET DOCUMENTS show that DuPont knew it was pumping toxic chemicals into its products.

But a corporate GAG ORDER kept us from finding out about it… until chemicals like PFOA were already showing up in our bloodstream.

Experts may say that tiny amounts of these chemicals couldn’t possibly harm us…

But research partially funded by DuPont PROVED that wasn’t true.

Now, you can throw out all your old non-stick cookware, but that won’t ELIMINATE the problem.

Big Chem hasn’t completely gotten its comeuppance – even after a 15-year legal fight and massive class-action lawsuit.

PFOA is just ONE in a class of chemicals known as per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Not surprisingly, the manufacturing industry is dragging its feet to find out just how toxic they are.

An integrative doctor can screen your blood for its “toxic load” of chemicals. If one or more show up – which could happen, depending on where you live – he can work with you on a detoxification program.

That’ll hopefully help reduce your future risk.

While you’re at it, start your “spring cleaning” early by getting rid of any stain-resistant or waterproof upholstery, carpeting, or other home goods and even clothing.

And if any of it WASN’T “Made in the USA”… there’s a chance that it could contain PFOA.

The chemical is STILL being used in other countries… and products containing it HAVEN’T been banned from being imported into THIS country.

Do your research before buying anything new. Look for products certified to contain zero amounts of PFOA or C8, another name for the same chemical.