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DEPLOY your flu-fighting troops with this creepy ‘spine trick’

The older you get… the question isn’t IF you’ll get the flu this year…

But whether you’ll SURVIVE it!

Influenza is increasingly DEADLY to older folks – especially if your immunity is already compromised.

Unfortunately, the mainstream can’t offer much in the way of PREVENTION, with every year’s flu shot seeming to FAIL worse than the year before.

And the flu drug they’ll try to force on you doesn’t work a lick, either.

But there IS a way to set the stage for RECOVERY… no matter WHICH flu you get.

Because 100 years ago, it helped a small group overcome modern history’s DEADLIEST infection!

It may sound crazy, but it all depends on RESTORING your posture!

Heal thyself

When the Spanish flu pandemic SWEPT across the globe from 1918 to 1920, there was something that helped some patients survive… while others didn’t.

It wasn’t a drug… because there WERE no drugs for the infection at the time.

There weren’t any vaccines for it, either.

Yet a small group of people experienced A FRACTION of the death rate – 1/40th!

Believe it or not, what SAVED them was chiropractic care!

That’s right – over a century ago, flu patients who received non-invasive, drug-free “adjustments” managed to DODGE landing in an early grave.

By the time the Spanish flu hit, chiropractic care had already been around for DECADES… and the science behind it is as simple today as it was back then.

The methods are essentially the same, too.

Chiropracty helps put your body into the proper position necessary for it to heal itself.

This “whole body” practice essentially relieves the stress on your immune system… and frees up energy otherwise distracted by misalignment!

And if can work on the worst flu pandemic ever… it can CERTAINLY help whichever flu virus takes hold this winter.

A 2010 study out of Canada showed how realigning the spine helps RELEASE “defender” antibodies called immunoglobulins.

Levels them which become elevated as quickly as 20 minutes after an adjustment!

But here’s where this gets interesting…

Because immune markers CONTINUE to elevate… even TWO HOURS later.

That’s just after a SINGLE session of spinal manipulation!

What’s more, this “hands-on” approach to realign the spine also helps BANISH inflammation.

And when you’ve got the flu, your body’s inflammatory response can be EXTREME.

If you catch the flu this year, getting a session in with a chiropractor might just make you feel better… even when nothing else can.

To find a licensed, accredited doctor of chiropractic (DC), visit the American Chiropractic Association’s website.

Many insurance plans cover chiropractic care, but check with yours first to make sure.

The “popping” sensation might feel a little funny at first…

But you’ll learn to appreciate how it helps you LIVE through this potentially deadly infection… which is NO laughing matter.