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’Tis the season… for the return of the weight-loss RACKET!

Don’t you just love how the answer to everything seems to be “lose weight”?

They tout it as the silver bullet for blood pressure… diabetes… and even sleep apnea.

But if you’ve ever tried to lose a few pounds yourself, you know how it’s easier said than done.

There’s something you need to know before you try to lose some of those holiday pounds…

There’s a reason why your diet may FAIL.

The weight-loss industry is SETTING YOU UP to fail… so they can keep you on the hook… FOR LIFE.

And they’re making you think it’s YOUR fault.

It’s not.

As we approach “diet season”… which conveniently comes every year right after the holidays… here’s what you need to know…

So you don’t get SCAMMED.

The skinny on diet scams

On the surface, “weight-loss plans” like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem LOOK like they work.

Some people do lose weight.

But behind all those “success story” testimonials is a DARK SECRET.

One you were NEVER supposed to know about.

Those diet companies have RIGGED their systems to keep you coming back.

A weight-loss “plan” like Weight Watchers will sell you on how it works. But they’ll do everything in their power to hide how it DOESN’T work.

The dark truth is that 95% of its participants gain at least some of the pounds they lost BACK.

You NEVER hear that in commercials, do you?

They even have a program for when you gain the weight back: Lifetime Membership.

As in, once they have you, they have you for life.

Because you can’t KEEP the weight off.

The crazy part is that Weight Watchers touts its members who have joined and rejoined several times – sometimes over the course of a decade or more!

These programs actually BRAG about how people keep coming back to them to lose the weight they’ve regained!

Here’s the truth…

These pricey diets are designed to help you lose weight quickly at first – because they know you’ll abandon the program if you don’t.

But once you start forking over your life savings to try to lose weight, they’re never going to let you stop.

They don’t want you to be able to sustain your weight loss without them… there’s no money in that.

The key to losing weight doesn’t have to be some big corporate secret. Load up on protein and cut back on carbs.

And work with your doctor, who will look at the entire picture of your health and recommend a customized plan you can stick with.