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SURVIVE cold & flu season with this evergreen ‘tree trick’

This time of year, you’ve got to resist the HARSHEST of conditions…

And I’m not just talking about the “winter wonderland” outside.

Because we’re officially in cold and flu season.

You may ALREADY have a nagging coughtightness in your chest… and shortness of breath

And be hacking and wheezing, too.

Ask your doc about it… and he’ll shrug his shoulders and scribble off a script for yet ANOTHER antibiotic.

But those meds won’t do a thing to clear a virus or fungus.

You need something that can RESTORE your normal, strong breathing… and make you RESILIENT against any future troubles.

It’s not a drug.

It may sound crazy, but it’s a cousin of your Christmas tree!

The ‘secret ingredient’ that BANISHES cough and cold

There’s a reason why walking through a dense forest and taking a deep breath seems to open all your passageways.

It can clear your mind… and your chest.

But there’s one conifer in particular you need to know about if you’ve got respiratory problems.

It’s not the Douglas fir or balsam fir you might find at the Christmas tree lot…

Instead, you’ll find it growing way up in the Italian Alps… or maybe the Pyrenees range of Spain and France.

The evergreen tree known as the mugo pine (Pinus mugo) has an extraordinary ability to survive the unforgiving conditions of mountaintops – growing even BEYOND the natural and expected tree line.

It’s practically INDESTRUCTIBLE… especially in places around the globe where it was brought from Europe, like New Zealand.

The can’t get rid of the stuff!

It may be smaller than your average megaflora of the forest – so small, in fact, that it’s nicknamed the “dwarf pine.”

But it’s mighty.

Not only can it resist the cold, dry winter… adapt to a variety of soil types… and even grow in ROCKS…

It also NEVER needs to be watered.

And that’s how Alpine mountaineers KNEW that there was something really special about this pine tree… and decided to investigate what they could do with its needles, twigs, cones and buds.

You may have already heard of a thick pinecone syrup called Mugolio… or even liqueurs flavored with mugo…

But in folk medicine, it’s the closely-guarded “secret ingredient” in cough and cold medicines and nasal decongestants that can help get you breathing right again.

With its help, you’ll produce more mucus in your airways (a.k.a. improved bronchial secretion)… cough it up… and get it out.

European spas have sworn by it for treating patients with severe respiratory issues like tuberculosis and pleurisy.

The key to the mugo pine’s powers is turpentine.

Now, before you go running to the paint aisle at your local hardware store, you should know that the toxic, industrial-grade solvent is a BASTARDIZATION of a wonderful natural ingredient.

Pine trees, eucalyptus trees, and even cannabis plants produce a material known as oil of turpentine.

 If you’ve ever used Vicks VapoRub, you’ve already experienced the “vapors” of turpentine oil!

That’s because the constituents of this oil are time-honored herbal HEROES for respiratory health:

  • Pinenes clear mucus from your throat, bronchial passages, and lungs (expectorant); also helps you get more air in and out by relieving tightness in your bronchial passages (bronchodilator).
  • Terpinolene is a potent antioxidant.
  • Delta-3-carene can ERASE inflammation.

And the essential oil of the mugo pine is also antimicrobial, to boot – it can help clear whatever infection is CAUSING your breathing problems.

You can inhale mugo pine from your oil diffuser… or rub it on your chest before bed.

You can also find mugo oil as an ingredient in herbal cough syrups.