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Weird white powder UNLOCKS the power to age gracefully? [Crazy… but TRUE!]

Your bones are BRITTLE… your hair and nails aren’t as STRONG as they used to be… and your skin is DRYING OUT.

It happens to us all as we get older.

But we DON’T just have to “get used to it”…

Because there’s a detoxifying agent that can ERADICATE free radicals… and SLAM THE BRAKES on the tissue damage that comes with aging.

It contains a trace mineral that we used to get from food – until modern farming practices STRIPPED our soil’s supply of it!

You may have already used this “miracle mineral” in your garden…

But there’s a special version of it that can help YOU rejuvenate… and even grow new cells, too!

Build your bones with this ‘earth extract’

Could the secret to living BETTER… LONGER… be a closely-held secret among a tight community of specialized scientists?

Ask a geologist — and they’ll let you in how digging through the past can lead to a BRIGHTER future!

Because if you look in some of the rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans throughout the world… you’ll find a nearly ENDLESS supply of a type of sedimentary rock that can FIGHT the effects of aging.

It’s called diatomaceous earth (DE).

It comes from deposits of one of the most abundant substances in the world, silica. In its various natural forms, this trace mineral makes up more than a QUARTER of the earth’s crust!

But the silica that’s in DE comes from a very special source

And it may sound a little crazy… but stick with me.

It’s the fossilized remains of single-celled aquatic organisms called diatoms – that’s right, a type of dead algae that’s potentially MILLIONS of years old!

To create DE, these microscopic cell walls and shells are ground up into a fine powder.

Know where else silica is found, besides the skeletal remains of plankton?

YOUR BODY – in your muscles, cartilage, and ligaments!

That’s why silica deficiency has been linked to DEFORMED bonesACHING joints… and skeletal DAMAGE.

But getting enough silica… in the right form… can IMPROVE bone density (as found with osteoporosis) and PROTECT joint tissue.

That’s because silica influences how your body uses calcium – a process that directly affects bone mineralization and, therefore, bone mass.

It’s also been linked to your body’s formation of collagen

And as you know full well, collagen loss as we age is one of the BIGGEST culprits behind LOOKING and FEELING “old.”

Diatomaceous earth has also been shown to BOOST the health of hair and skin… and DETOXIFY nearly every part of your body.

The crystallized structures literally SCRUB your insides as they make their way through!

It’s a potent antioxidant, too.

Now, the idea of fossils may seem ancient…

But the ones that make up DE actually continuously accumulate over time in watery sediments. So, it’s a natural source that’s CONSTANTLY replenishing itself.

In fact, there are TRILLIONS of diatoms LIVING and DYING around the globe today.

Look for food-grade diatomaceous earth… which should contain less than 1% crystalline silica… at your local health food store or online.

And although it won’t completely dissolve in a glass of water, you can add it to your morning smoothie… and you won’t even notice the texture.

Don’t worry – it doesn’t taste like anything!

It’s generally recognized as safe to EAT and DRINK… but you wouldn’t want to inhale much of it, as it may not agree with your lungs.