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Did Russians keep this Cold War-era cancer cure all to themselves?

America is losing the cancer battle. This dreaded disease is getting the better of too many patients.

People we know and love AREN’T living longer… and they’re NOT living better, either.


Because conventional oncologists in this country are FAILING their patients.

And you could be next.

The crazy thing is that we SHOULD be winning this war…

Because the Russians have discovered something that can KILL cancer… and KEEP it from SPREADING.

I’m talking MULTIPLE types of cancer — even the most commonly diagnosed one, one that’s the leading cause of cancer death worldwide.

And patients who use it experience practically ZERO side effects.

Here’s what your cancer doc has been keeping from you.

Beat back cancer… with birch?

You already know how medicinal mushrooms have shown enormous potential in fighting MANY of the biggest health concerns we face today.

Well, there’s one mushroom in particular that you need to know about if you’re in the crosshairs for cancer.

It’s the chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) – a fungus found growing on birch trees in cold climates.

It doesn’t look much like a mushroom, with its black color and hard texture…

And because you can use it to start a fire, some folks call it the “tinder fungus.”

But in fact, it’s got one of the DENSEST nutritional contents of all tree growths.

Maybe that’s why the Japanese call it “The Diamond of the Forest”… or why the Chinese call it “King of Plants” and revere it as a life-extending agent.

But it’s the Russians who pioneered the medicinal use of this “Mushroom of Immortality” – with the USSR Ministry of Health adding this “Gift from God” (as they referred to it) to the Soviet Pharmacopeia in 1955.

And you can still get this cancer-fighting medicine in former Soviet countries – not just Russia and Siberia, but also the Baltic States – today.

That’s because chaga mushroom has been PROVEN to…

  • KILL cancer cells selectively
  • INDUCE cancer cells’ “self-destruct” mode (a.k.a. apoptosis)
  • SUPPRESS tumor growth
  • INHIBIT cancer progression and spread, and
  • ENHANCE immunity.

And it doesn’t just work on ONE type of cancer, but SEVERAL – including colon, lung, liver, cervical, and skin cancers.

The most INTRIGUING part of chaga mushroom’s anti-cancer action is that it’s more than just the fungus that gets to work…

But ALSO the pieces of the wood that it grows on, too.

As I mentioned, you can find chaga growing on birch trees – and these mushrooms derive anti-cancer compounds from the birch!

I’m talking about betulinic acid and betulin… but don’t worry if you’ve never heard of these substances.

Hardly ANYONE outside of the scientific community has!

Even though betulin (BE) was FIRST isolated all the way back in 1788 by German-Russian chemist Johann Tobias Lowitz.

In 1952, researchers finally determined its chemical structure….

In the nearly 70 years since, BE has shown anti-cancer potential in its own right — in studies that put it up against prostate cancer, as well as ovarian and cervical cancer tumor cells.

BE has also been found to be more potent in fighting tumors than the chemo drug cisplatin.

According to a 2015 meta-analysis, BE even STOPPED the spread of lung cancer, among other types of cancer.

And it shows PRACTICALLY NO toxicity to healthy, noncancerous cells.

Why betulin isn’t part of EVERY oncologists’ cancer-fighting arsenal is beyond me.

Look for it in a product called Befunginum (or Befungin), available in Eastern and Northern European countries.

But BE isn’t even all that the chaga mushroom has to offer…

Because this woody fungus also contains MORE anti-cancer substances, including inotodiollanostanoids… and ergosterol peroxide.

Since MANY different agents within the chaga mushroom appear to possess activity against cancer, the most POWERFUL way of fighting cancer with it may NOT be isolating a single compound…

But rather, taking whole chaga extract.

Even if it doesn’t make your cancer DISAPPEAR, it’s been shown to help cancer patients FEEL BETTER, as it can REDUCE fatigue… and SHARPEN cognition.

That’s a Godsend for any cancer patient who’s ever experienced “chemo brain.”

Look for chaga mushroom extract in powdered, capsule, and tincture forms at your local health food store or online.