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[Scam Alert] CRACKPOT ‘salt solution’ is nothing but a deadly POISON

It’s about time that the feds did something right.

The FDA first warned us about sodium chlorite-based health products back in 2010.

And now the agency is back to sound an even more URGENT alarm.

Too many innocent people have already been DEFRAUDED and MISLED into thinking that a dangerous industrial chemical can cure just about anything.

It’s SUPPOSED to RID you of disease… and RESTORE health to the sick… because it can kill pathogens and destroy poisons.

But what you could REALLY be getting is a rogue’s gallery of severe reactions.

It could even KILL you.

Here’s why this so-called “magic potion” isn’t even CLOSE to being medicinal…

And why this SCAM shouldn’t put a black mark on all alternative cures.

One bad apple

Why anyone would want to SWALLOW a commercial chemical that’s used to whiten paper pulp is beyond me.

But that’s exactly what’s been happening.

DESPERATE folks… with TERRIBLE illnesses like cancer and ALS… are putting their faith in products that won’t make them better…

And will almost surely make them WORSE.

One of these products is called “Miracle Mineral Solution,” or MMS for short.

Its creator, Jim Humble, isn’t a scientist – he’s reportedly a Scientologist.

And he claims to be a billion-year-old god from outer space.

But his doctrine doesn’t address how corrosive and even explosive this product’s main ingredient, which his “church” allegedly considers a “health sacrament,” can be.

In industrial settings, where sodium chlorite is often used as a disinfectant, you have to wear special gloves and use special equipment just to handle it.

It’s hard to comprehend how some folks manage to swallow any of it, as it can burn your throat on the way down.

Sodium chlorite is a mixture of sodium, chlorine, and oxygen. The products being sold are generally 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water.

But if you mix it with lemon or lime juice… or basically any citric acid… the concoction becomes “activated” and turns into chlorine dioxide.

And, as the feds have confirmed, CD is nothing other than industrial-strength BLEACH!

Your local water treatment plant may use it to purify the local drinking water supply…

But it’s REMOVED before it EVER reaches the tap.

You’re NEVER supposed to drink it!

And that’s clear, based on the reported adverse events associated with consuming MMS, which include:

  • severe vomiting
  • severe diarrhea
  • dehydration, which can cause your blood pressure to PLUMMET, and
  • acute liver failure.

Pushers of this “health solution” claim that reactions like these are a sure-fire sign that it’s working…

But nothing could be farther from the truth.

It’s so bad, it’s sending folks into the hospital

And multiple people have even DIED.

That’s just what’s been reported to the FDA. It could be more.

CD is such a powerful sanitizer… the U.S. Army has used it to counter bioterrorism.

Hazmat teams have even decontaminated buildings from anthrax attacks with it!

But one of the problems is that CD is a bit deceptive, because it doesn’t smell as pungent as plain ol’ chlorine…

So, it may SEEM safer.

But you wouldn’t swim open-mouthed through your local city pool. And you should stay far, far away from products containing sodium chlorite or chlorine dioxide.

And that’s what the FDA has come out to remind us of with its latest alert.

Listen, if MMS or any other products with these chemical ingredients actually WORKED, I’d be the first to tell you.

But I’ve done the research… and I’m appalled at what I’ve learned.

You should be too.

There’s a reason why SEVERAL people have gone to prison… and will spend several years there… for selling MMS and similar products.

Also beware of “cure-all” food powders, mixtures, and formulas being sold as “Master” Mineral Solution… Chlorine Dioxide (CD) Protocol… and Water Purification Solution (WPS).

And because the sellers are allegedly playing a shell game, different brand names could emerge in order to dodge authorities.

You should ALWAYS read the ingredient list before ingesting ANYTHING.

And any “cure” worth its salt would be time-tested… and would do NO HARM.