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Tribal bathroom trick BANISHES pee problems

You might not think much about your urinary health… until something goes wrong.

I’m talking kidney and bladder crystalsinflamed or enlarged prostate… and even UTIs.

Then, you no longer take your “pee” for granted!

Because keeping your “plumbing” clean and clear helps BANISH pain, infection, and more.

Fortunately, there’s a natural way to FLUSH OUT all the “bad stuff”

And all it takes is a flower root TREASURED by tribal medicine men.

Empty your tank with THIS

The name of the hydrangea plant comes from the Greek phrase for “water vessel” – and the reason is two-fold.

These flowering shrubs THRIVE in watery marshes and swamps…

But they also BENEFIT the waterways of the human body!

Native Americans – in particular, the Cherokee tribe — used its roots and rhizomes as a kidney detox

And in the 1800s, pioneering American scientists and doctors finally took notice, too… and began recommending hydrangea for kidney stone crystals and other deposits.

Specifically, it appears to DISSOLVE the sharp edges of the crystals… making them EASIER and LESS PAINFUL to pass.

And on their way out, they’re less likely to DAMAGE narrow and delicate urinary tubes.

The key appears to be in a compound uniquely found in hydrangea – a sugar-related compound (or “glycoside”) called hydrangin.

Hydrangea ALSO contains other compounds that help break down calcium oxalate and calcium carbonate crystals and stones – including magnesium, phosphorous, sulfur, and yes, even calcium!

Here’s a case, however, of slow-and-steady winning the race.

Hydrangea won’t BLAST through any crystalline deposits that may be irritating you… but rather gently SOFTEN and SMOOTH them out.

Based on that alone, hydrangea is a kidney health SUPERSTAR.

But there’s even more…

Hydrangea is a natural diuretic – which means, simply, it makes you pee MORE.

Not just more OFTEN… but more output of urine!

And the more you pee… the more you can SWEEP toxins from your body… WASH bacteria away… and STAVE OFF infection.

Maintaining healthy urine flow… and keeping your pee from becoming stagnant… does something else, too.

It improves the health of the prostate – including eliminating impurities and keeping prostate enlargement at bay.

Hydrangea is available on its own or as part of “detox” and “cleansing” herbal formulas and flushes.

Look for Hydrangea arborescens“smooth” or “wild” hydrangea — on the ingredient list.