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CONQUER aging with this Asian ‘survival herb’

CONQUER aging with this Asian ‘survival herb’

It’s the worst-case scenario when we have to say goodbye to a loved one.

“He was taken from us too soon…” Or “She was so young…”

When it’s your time to go, you want the world to know that you lived a full life… and you’re leaving with ZERO regrets.

But for many aging folks, the clock is ticking…

And they might be SNATCHED from this life before they’re ready.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Fortunately, there’s something that can help COMBAT your demise and PROMOTE longevity — on a CELLULAR level.

It’s a hardy plant that needs practically NO care whatsoever… and can grow ANYWHERE… even in the shade and cold.

Scientists have TRIED to dismiss its traditional use as a mere “folk tale”…

But they can no longer IGNORE the research that’s revealed the REAL science behind it!

EXTEND your youth… and live 20% longer?!

The bitter leafy herb ashitaba (Angelica keiskei koidzumi) has been used in traditional Asian medicine ever since first appearing in a 16th-century Chinese medical text.

It’s native to a wild, former “exile island” of Japan…

But it’s notoriety as a “treasure plant”… “longevity herb”… and “tomorrow’s leaf” extends WAY beyond the Far East.

It grows fast to begin with…

But when you pick it, the parts that remain sprout NEW leaves nearly INSTANTANEOUSLY!

That accounts for its high survival rate.

And it turns out, it could help YOU survive longer, too!

It’s an anti-aging remedy that works on a MICROSCOPIC level… and DELAYS cellular degeneration.

In fact, research has revealed that ashitaba is a MORE POWERFUL antioxidant than green tea

And it’s all thanks to its active component — a cytoprotective flavonoid called DMC (short for 4,4′-dimethoxychalcone).

It works to…

  • PROTECT cells, even better than resveratrol
  • TRIGGER genetic signaling that delays aging, and
  • PROMOTE longevity.

When scientists gave DMC to roundworms and fruit flies in a study from earlier this year, it increased their life span by 20%!

That was with ZERO changes to their diets…

And this remedy has worked in nearly EVERY species it’s been tested it in.

This is BRAND-NEW science… so we still need more studies of its effects on humans.

But what we now know is that DMC fights cellular aging by INDUCING a natural process known as autophagy.

You see, your cells naturally create “waste products” as they function normally.

But when that debris builds up, it becomes TOXIC… and it can AGE you prematurely.

Autophagy – which literally means “self-eating” — refers to how your body “takes out the trash.”

It’s more than just “garbage,” though…

Because just like your trusty ol’ clunker in the driveway… some damaged parts can actually be REUSED!

And ashitaba helps induce that recycling process, too.

As a result, it helps you operate under a constant state of RENEWAL – growing brand-new cells just like the plant itself does!

It was like that when we were young…

But as we get older, our internal “garbage disposal” gets sluggish.

It needs a little boost.

Some folks prefer to drink ashitaba as a naturally caffeine-free and health-promoting tea… or take it in powdered form as a supplement.

You can also grow your own! If your local nursery doesn’t carry a cutting, you can buy seeds online… and then eat it as a vegetable from your own garden.