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Is this precious oil the answer to cancer patients’ prayers?

Whenever something goes wrong, there’s always that one person who tells you to meditate… and it’ll all be OK.

Now, they’re not ENTIRELY wrong. We’ve seen how the power of prayer can turn things around — even after your luck has taken a nosedive.

And spirituality is a survival tool that cancer patients often point to.

But I GUARANTEE there’s more to it than just the “mindfulness”… or the repeated chanting of mantras.

Because some of the most spiritually-charged items that rituals have used throughout history… are ALSO those with the STRONGEST medicinal powers!

There’s a holy tree that grows throughout the Yucatán Peninsula… and the indigenous tribes of Mexico and Guatemala have used its branches as sacred incense for MILLENNIA.

Guess what? It’s ALSO an antioxidant powerhouse.

It can LOWER oxidative stress… and PROTECT cells from damage.

And modern research shows how these actions can help beat back MULTIPLE types of cancer.

Holy ‘wood oil’ BANISHES cancer evils

The Spanish name of palo santo (Bursera graveolens) translates to mean “holy wood”… or “wood of the saints.”

Since the days of the Incan Empire, it’s been used in ceremonies by shamans, mystics, and medicine men…

But even today, Catholic churches burn its wood as ceremonial incense!

In fact, palo santo is in the same family as frankincense and myrrh…

And it’s equally as precious.

You don’t have to believe in its spiritual powers to reap the health benefits from its essential oil.

A 2012 in vitro study out of Cuba found that palo santo essential oil KILLS human breast cancer cells in a lab dish.

This wasn’t just a one-time finding…

One of palo santo’s compounds – a type of triterpene known as lupeol — has shown especially strong activity against human breast, lung, and colon cancer cells.

Its main active compound, however, appears to be the terpene limonene.

Studies have PROVEN how limonene fights inflammation – of course, one of the BIGGEST culprits behind cancer.

To get palo santo for yourself, skip the wooden sticks… and go straight for 100% pure therapeutic oil.

You can add a few drops of the essential oil to hot water and drink it as a tea.

A drop or two on your forehead and/or neck can calm you down, practically INSTANTLY.

And if there’s anything that ramp up your stress levels, it’s cancer!

Limonene is also available on its own as a supplement (usually labeled d-Limonene).

There are several good fruit and vegetable sources of lupeol, including cabbage.