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DESTROY shingles with this ‘carnivore’ fruit [UNBELIEVABLE!]

It’s like Return of the Living Dead.

If you had chickenpox as a kid, you might’ve THOUGHT it was all over… once the spots were gone.

But the virus that causes chickenpox, herpes zoster, is NOTORIOUS for coming back to haunt the folks infected with it DECADES before.

When it returns from the “dead,” the infection has a new name… but it’s the SAME virus!

I’m talking about shingles.

An outbreak can mean blistering rashesnerve pain… and a burning sensation.

And the older you get… the higher your risk of the virus “waking up.”

If you find yourself paying host to this zombie infection, you don’t have to sit idly by and wait for it to retreat on its own.

You can REDUCE the pain and inflammation… and SHORTEN the illness… with a fruit that’s indigenous to the “New World”!

A heavenly tropical fruit discovery

Scholars say that 4,000 years ago, the ancient Mayans first cultivated the papaya tree (Carica papaya) as we know it today.

But were it not for explorers from Portugal and Spain, we might’ve never been introduced to the Central American fruit

In the 15th century and beyond, they scrambled to introduce the delicacy to tropical regions all over the globe — including Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Seas.

The taste must’ve been absolutely DIVINE…

Because legend has it that Christopher Columbus called papaya “the fruit of the angels.

He couldn’t have known a thing about its biochemistry…

Or that ANYTHING extracted from the raw fruit would be a GODSEND for people with shingles… one of the most PAINFUL and debilitating infections to hit older folks.

In fact, it was nearly 400 years later – in the 1870’s – that scientists first derived enzymes from the plant.

One of the most important of those enzymes found in papaya is called papaya proteinase I, a.k.a. papain.

And now, it’s become one of the most widely studied enzymes in the world.

It’s known as a “proteolytic” enzyme… which means it helps break down proteins into smaller pieces.

That’s why it’s used as a digestive aid… AND a meat tenderizer!

Believe it or not, that protein-busting action helps ACCELERATE wound healing, too.

Because in order to heal a wound… including a shingles rash that’s erupted into blisters…  you’ve got to CLEAR OUT damaged or dead tissue.

That’s the ONLY way that new, healthy tissue can take its place!

In fact, research has shown that “protein eaters” like papain can be just as effective in REDUCING pain intensity and skin lesions in shingles patients as a commonly-prescribed antiviral medication.

But in addition to naturally KILLING pain and EXTINGUISHING inflammation

Papain can also significantly REDUCE the severity and duration of a shingles outbreak.

That may be because papain also STIMULATES your natural defenses… so that your own immune system can RID your body of this insidious infection.

You can get papain by eating raw papaya – ideally, the unripe version, also known as “green papaya,” which is popular in Southeast Asia.

You shouldn’t have a hard time finding this tropical fruit at your nearby market, though…

The U.S. is the world’s top importer of papaya!

You can also get papain as a topical cream… or an oral supplement (in chewable tablet or capsule forms), sometimes combined with other proteolytic enzymes.

If you know that you’re allergic to latex… then papain (which is derived from papaya’s natural latex) is NOT for you!

Otherwise, it’s perfectly safe in moderate doses over short periods of time.

As always, check with your doc to make sure there’s no risk of dangerous interactions with any drugs or herbs you’re already taking.