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‘Cancer infection’ can’t RESIST this bug-zapping combo!

There’s a rural region in China where stomach cancer is common…

And after studying the people who live there, Chinese researchers have finally figured out the secret to fighting back.

And it’s what we’ve been saying all along here at eAlert.

Treat the INFECTION… and you’ll GET RID of the cancer!

That’s because one of the biggest culprits behind gastric cancer is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

You may know it better as a common cause of peptic ulcer

But that’s just the BEGINNING of the havoc it can wreak.

H. pylori is one of those “superbugs” that mainstream docs have nightmares about…

Because if the bug has learned how to resist antibiotics… those docs think they’ve got NOTHING left to treat it with!

But that’s just not true.

Here’s why.

When your Plan B should really be Plan A

According to the new study, if you kill the H. pylori… you’ll be SAVED from gastric cancer.

And the mainstream will GLEEFULLY point out that treating the volunteers with a two-week course of antibiotics did, in fact, clear the cancer-causing infection.

In fact, it protected the patients from gastric cancer for more than TWO DECADES.

But antibiotics don’t always work on H. pylori. At least, not on their own.

That’s why you need a backup plan… PRONTO.

Fortunately, the study showed that all three of the following interventions helped spare the Chinese volunteers from gastric cancer:

  1. selenium and vitamins C and E
  2. garlic
  3. antibiotics

They each significantly reduced mortality from gastric cancer… but that’s not all.

ALL of them attacked the SAME target – the H. pylori infection!

You see, garlic has been shown to TAKE DOWN some antibiotic-resistant strains of this “superbug.”

And that’s probably why the “stinking rose”… a RENOWNED antibacterial agent… has been associated with lower gastric cancer risk.

You know what else has shown to beat back H. pylori?

Selenium. And vitamins C and E (and A, while we’re at it).

And all of those “vitamin interventions” have shown their own chemopreventive powers.

In this latest study, supplementing with the mineral selenium and vitamins E and C actually significantly decreased the incidence of Chinese villagers who developed gastric cancer.

Unfortunately, the researchers didn’t look into how garlic combined with selenium and vitamins C and E – without antibiotics – fared against H. pylori and gastric cancer.

That would be good to know…

Because eventually, we might be facing a CRISIS in which NO antibiotic can treat ANY infection caused by H. pylori.

When – not IF – that happens, make sure you’ve stocked up your arsenal of superbug fighters that can take this cancer-causing villain on.

In addition to the interventions mentioned in the recent study, others include:

  • licorice (or DGL)
  • marshmallow
  • black walnut
  • manuka honey
  • gardenia fruit extract (containing a compound called genipin)
  • kesum (a.k.a. Vietnamese mint), and more.

And while you’re at it, try using any number of these as your FIRST line of defense.

Talk to a doc who’s familiar with nature’s own pharmacy… and make sure that none of these will interact with any other supplements or prescription drugs you may be taking.