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ALERT! Useless brain test being FORCED on seniors

I’ve been telling you for years about the SCAM ARTISTS in the medical testing industry.

They have MILLIONS of women lining up to have radiation shot at their breasts… even though mammograms have NEVER been proven to extend lives.

And they have countless guys FREAKING OUT every time their PSA score goes up… even though the PSA is TERRIBLE at predicting prostate cancer.

But as far as useless tests go, I’ve found one that takes the cake.

There’s a new recommendation that would BULLY seniors like you into a brain exam you don’t need.

It’s an absolute WASTE of your money and time… even if you’re truly concerned about your dementia risk.

And I’m going to show you the ONE question that will FORCE your doctor to admit it.

A memory test you can forget

The American Academy of Neurology wants your doctor to perform a cognitive assessment on you every single year.

He’d be screening you for problems with memorythinkingspeech… you name it.

Wow. A bunch of neurologists recommending tests that would generate more business for neurologists.

How revolutionary…

So who thinks the annual cognitive screening is a bad idea? Pretty much everyone who ISN’T a neurologist.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force — a panel of the country’s top scientific advisers — spoke out against the cognitive screening just a couple weeks ago.

They said there was NO REAL EVIDENCE that it would benefit seniors at all.

And guess that? They’re absolutely right!

Let me prove it to you…

If your doctor tries to pressure you into an annual cognitive screening, here’s the ONE question I want you to ask him.

Trust me… his jaw will hit the floor.

Ask him what he’s going to do if he finds anything.

He’s going to do NOTHING!!!

The purpose of these tests is to try to spot Alzheimer’s and dementia early. But there isn’t a single mainstream drug that’s effective at treating either condition… no matter how early it’s detected.

Research by Consumer Reports a few years back CONFIRMED that none of the Alzheimer’s drugs on the market work.

So if he has NO treatment to offer you… what the heck is your doctor screening you for?

If you want to get your memory checked, do yourself a favor. Don’t go to a mainstream doctor — go to a doctor specializing in natural medicine instead.

Natural docs are LIGHT YEARS ahead of the mainstream in the use of memory-enhancing treatments like Huperzine A, omega-3s, colostrinin, and more.

But getting checked by a mainstream doc who has no hope of helping you anyway… well, what’s the point of that?