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Ancient Ayurvedic text reveals drug-free arthritis 'root cure'

Your joints are swollenthrobbing… and ON FIRE.

These aren’t just the “aches and pains” of getting older…

You’ve got arthritis.

But sometimes, it feels like arthritis has got YOU.

You can beat back the burning inflammation… keep your bones strong and healthy… and say “goodbye” to discomfort.

And you don’t need to sacrifice your gut health in the process.

Because while NSAIDs are commonly given to arthritis patients to alleviate their symptoms…

Those meds can TEAR UP your insides.

But a cooling herb from Southeast Asia brings relief… and gets to the ROOT causes of your symptoms… while actually PROTECTING your GI tract!

Red root therapy rejuvenates joints

The ancient plant known as Rubia cordifolia is actually in the coffee family…

But nobody drinks it while reading the morning edition…

In times of antiquity, the people of the Indian subcontinent used its root to dye clothing.

This “dye plant” is commonly known as “Indian madder“… so we call the reddish color it produces “Rose madder.”

But its value goes WAY beyond its commercial purpose in textiles…

The ancient Sanskrit medical text “Sushruta Samhita” mentions Indian madder, making it one of the most valuable herbs in Ayurvedic medicine.

Its use has since spread into Tibet, the Philippines, India, and even Africa!

And although you may have NEVER heard of it from any American medical doctor

It’s time you get to know this time-tested, rejuvenating root.

Studies have shown that the root extract can inhibit the mechanism that produces much of the inflammation associated with arthritis.

That may be because of the presence of an anti-inflammatory compound called rubimallin.

Modern-day scientists are still figuring out the biochemistry of Indian madder…

But every study seems to confirm what followers of Ayurveda have been convinced of for AGES.

It works!

According to research, its extract can fight arthritis thanks to a rich content of antioxidant compounds known as anthraquinones.

And researchers say it works just as well as one of the most common nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

That means it reduces both PAIN and SWELLING

But unlike NSAIDs… Indian madder can actually PROTECT your gut!

That’s not all…

One compound contained in Indian madder, called mollugin, has been shown to beat back bone loss.

That’s a CRITICAL step in keeping certain forms of arthritis — including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis — at bay.

You can find Rubia cordifolia in supplement form under many different names.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s called Radix rubiae or Qian Cao.

Ayurvedic formulations go by madder rootManjishta (in Bengali)… Majit or Manjit in Hindi… or by the brand name Manjith.

Look for it in tablet or capsule form… or as a root powder.

A word of caution…

Although Indian madder is perfectly safe, its pigment is so potent… it might turn your pee pink.

To rooting out arthritis pain and swelling,
Melissa Young