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EXPLODING bedroom performance… thanks to this Korean ‘sex soup’ [For guys AND gals]

If you’ve witnessed your vitality wane…

And you dread seeing “that look” come over your spouse’s face…

You may not even want to TRY getting anything started in the bedroom – if you won’t be able to DELIVER.

Your heart’s into it…

But your head and body just can’t seem to follow suit.

Bedroom woes affect everyone, especially as we get older.

It can feel like you’ll NEVER get your desire back… or be able to PERFORM even if you wanted to!

Fortunately, there’s an ancient prescription that’s helped men and women get “in the mood” for AGES…

But it’s not a pill – it’s a special kind of energy-balancing tea!

And if you get the recipe JUST RIGHT… you just may wake up the neighbors.

6 herbs for breaking the bed

One of the oldest tricks in the book among older Korean men is something called “Ssanghwa-cha.”

It may sound a little TOO exotic for you…

But I promise — it’s incredibly simple.

In Korean, the word “ssang” refers to energy… “hwa” means harmony… and “cha” is tea.

So, Ssanghwa-cha is a Korean “medical tea” that can balance your energy… and help you get ready for WHATEVER you may encounter when the lights go out.

This ancient tea contains a special combination of different medicinal herbs, each with its own “bedroom benefits.”

The traditional recipe usually involves boiling down a mixture of…

  1. mountain peony (Paeonia obovata), treasured by the indigenous Ainu tribe of Japan
  2. COM (Cnidium officinale), a natural aphrodisiac
  3. Chinese licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), often used to encourage vitality
  4. Chinese cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia), which helps improve blood flow and mood
  5. Korean angelica (Angelica gigas), known for supporting sexual health and balancing sex hormones, particularly in women, and
  6. Rehmannia root, which can help men last longer.

Now, the tea notoriously tastes a bit bitter, which you might find a little unpleasant…

That’s why some folks flavor it with ginger — a GUARANTEED libido booster in its right.

Koreans also mix Ssanghwa-cha with daechu-cha, a tea brewed from jujube (a.k.a. Chinese dates).

That added ingredient can help you feel relaxedlaid back… and ready to have some fun.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go foraging for all these herbs on your own – because Ssanghwa-cha is available as a pre-prepared tea.

Look for it online or at your local Asian specialty grocer. It’s sometimes called Ssanghwa-tang, but it’s the same thing…

In Korean, “tang” is simply the word for “soup.”

To rocking your spouse’s world,

Melissa Young

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