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Do this 1 thing before bed to RELIEVE the backup in your bowels

There could be any NUMBER of reasons why going “Number Two” has become a struggle.

You could be stressed outtraveling… or otherwise off your regular routine.

Maybe something you ate bound you up…or some meds you took dried you up.

Constipation is common among patients who are taking opioid painkillers… and those undergoing chemotherapy.

It’s even possible that you were going too much… and the anti-diarrheal drugs you took worked TOO well!

Don’t be embarrassed…

It happens to us all at one time or another.

But you shouldn’t have to worry whether you’ll ever be able to “go” again…

And when you try to go, you shouldn’t have to strain so hard.

Because there’s a way to nip occasional constipation in the bud

And it’s with the help of a cleansing herb that’s gentle enough to give to a baby.

Stagnant no more!

Senna is so valuable in the Middle East, nomadic tribes traveling between the Nile River and the Red Sea can live off the its trade.

It was ancient Arab healers who introduced its healing powers to the rest of the Old World…

And it’s been a STAPLE of home remedies for constipation in the New World, too!

This herbal extract comes from either the Cassia angustifolia (Indian senna) or Cassia acutifolia (Egyptian senna) plant — and it’s considered a “cathartic” because it helps you poop.

And boy, is it cathartic when you finally DO!

Compounds in senna known as sennosides help stimulate contractions in your colon… which help push the impacted poop out.

Sennosides are found in both the leaves and the seed pods (or “fruit,” though it’s actually a legume).

Traditional Chinese Medicine has used senna leaf to “guide out stagnation” for THOUSANDS of years.

Chinese herbalists know it as the “downward-draining herb,” Fan Xie Ye.

Some people find senna pods to be the gentler choice — but either way, its track record proves that it WORKS.

Research has shown senna to be as effective as the prescription laxative lactulose in relieving constipation associated with taking opioids.

The FDA has approved senna extract as an over-the-counter (OTC) laxative, which you can find in such forms as chewable tablets, dissolving strips, and syrup.

One OTC brand that contains senna extract is Senokot.

In folk medicine, however, it’s generally consumed as a tea.

Give senna 6 to 12 hours to nudge your bowels enough to cause a movement. That’s why some directions tell you to take it before bed… so it can work overnight.

For some folks, it works in as little as TEN minutes!

It may discolor your pee when you go “Number One,” but don’t be alarmed. It’ll be the right color again once you stop taking senna.

If your constipation is ongoing… and is resisting treatment with senna on its own… try combining senna with psyllium.

Once things get a move on (and out), you can keep up your psyllium routine…

But you should try backing off of senna within a week or two’s time.

It’s not meant for long-term use… but it can sure save the day when you’re in a bind.

And it’s so safe, it can be given to children as young as 2 years old.

To overnight successes,
Melissa Young