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FORGET toilet troubles with this ancient ‘seed therapy’

Don’t be embarrassed. It happens to us all. 

But if you’re spending a little TOO much time on the toilet… and you can’t remember the last time you were regular… something’s amiss down there. 

That’s NOT normal.  

Fortunately, there’s a natural source of fiber that can NORMALIZE your bathroom habits 

For some, it acts as a stool softener… and for others, it plugs up an overzealous flow of poop. 

And no matter WHICH you use it for, this “wonder food WON’T make you gassy 

It’s one of the FEW natural cures that Western medicine has actually EMBRACED… 

But its roots can be traced back to ANCIENT times… in the EAST! 

Purge… without too much of a push 

Ancient texts have mentioned this miraculous, fibrous plant since the 10th century 

The Punjabis got it from the Arabs… who got it from Greek physicians of antiquity 

And it’s even made its way to THIS country.  

It’s called the “woolly plantain” in California… “isabgol,” “ispaghula,” or “ashwagola” in India… and “aspaghol” in Pakistan. 

Scientists now call it Plantago ovata… and, like our historical healers, recommend using a part of its seeds to address poop problems.  

You know it better as psyllium husk. 

As a source of soluble fiber, iabsorbs water… resists digestion… and BULKS up your BOWELS with a sticky, gel-like substance. 

That substance — known as mucilage – lubricates your pipes, so your stool just SLIPS right out when you try to go! 

And with psyllium, you can RELIEVE your constipation — even if it’s CHRONIC. 

One study on chronic constipation found psyllium to work BETTER than the stool softener drug docusate sodium in terms of: 

  • stool water content  
  • total stool output, and 
  • bowel movement frequency.  

There’s another side to psyllium… 

It ALSO helps cure the OPPOSITE problem – diarrhea! 

Because it soaks up moisture, it can slow your “movements” down… and make them less loose. 

And if you’ve ever taken one of Big Pharma’s laxatives for your constipation, you know how they can work TOO well… and send your gut GUSHING. 

Psyllium husk, however, maintains a PERFECT balance between the two extremes.  

Along with promoting healthy bowel movements, there’s another benefit… 

Psyllium husk can also sweep out the toxins that have been collecting in your stagnant stools! 

Psyllium has been used therapeutically in France since 1934… and it’s currently included in several commercial Ayurvedic formulations for constipation. 

The plant it comes from grows in the wild in the American Southwest… but you won’t have to go foraging for it.  

You can find it in nearly every grocery store and pharmacy on every corner. 

It’s the main ingredient in Metamucil! 

And it’s perfectly safe… as long as you take it with plenty of water. 

If you struggle with severe, chronic problems… like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis… psyllium husk’s prebiotic action can help REVERSE the condition, especially when combined with probiotics.