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[Senior Alert] Could your B complex be FAILING your brain?

Ever since you reached a certain age, you’ve felt distractedunmotivated lethargic… and even forgetful 

It’s no strike against your character – because you’re ANYTHING but lazy. 

The reason is PHYSICAL… and CHEMICAL. 

No, you’re not “sick”… 

But your brain might be STARVING!  

And it needs one particular nutrient to power up many of its essential processes. 

If you consume just the right amount of this vitamin… in its SUPERIOR form… you could improve your overall brain health by leaps and bounds. 

What that could mean for you is MORE focusBETTER mood… and GREATER mental energy 

And you just might be able to save your precious memories, too.  

Are you WASTING time and money on B6? 

I GUARANTEE there’s one brain-boosting nutrient you’ve NEVER heard of… 

And not just because its name is unpronounceable.  

Pyridoxal 5′-phosphate (or “P5P” for short) is the active form of vitamin B6 (a.k.a. pyridoxine) 

And that makes it the BEST version of vitamin B6 there is 

When you take a B6 vitamin, it’s in its INACTIVE form – and your liver has to convert it into P5P in order for your body to use it. 

But take P5P directly… and your body can SKIP that conversion process! 

You could get MORE benefit from the vitamin… and more QUICKLY… than if you had taken it in its INFERIOR form. 

And if you’ve been feeling a little sluggish mentally, you’ll want something that’s FAST-ACTING and EFFECTIVE. 

P5P is critical to several essential neuroprotective functions, including: 

  • CONVERTING neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, melatonin, etc.) into forms our brains can use  
  • IMPROVING how your brain’s neurons communicate with each other, and 
  • PREVENTING nerve damage associated with aging. 

But P5P has an even BIGGER trick up its sleeve. 

It can beat back the damage done by excess amounts of sugar.  

You probably already that how too much sugar in your brain can EAT away at your memories 

But here’s EXACTLY how it works. 

When glucose in your blood reacts with proteins and lipids in your body, that reaction forms advanced glycation end products (AGEs). 

Over time, AGEs accumulate and contribute to signs of aging in your body AND brain.  

P5P supports your brain health by inhibiting the formation of those AGEs… and PROTECTING your brain tissue (including its high fat content) from those sugar reactions.  

The scientific community has known about these benefits for FOUR DECADES… and yet most folks are STILL taking the WRONG version of vitamin B6! 

And a deficiency in B6 has been associated with confusion… and compromised judgement.  

But take the RIGHT version of B6 – that is, P5P – and you could improve both your clarity and executive function 

In standard doses, P5P has shown to be safe… but too much B6 can be toxic 

Check with your doc on the recommended dosage, and start out small and slow – as you should with any supplement. 

One more thing… 

Since P5P can help “escort” magnesium into your cells and increase your body’s absorption of this mighty mineral, feel free to take them together to boost your mood even more.