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[EXPOSED] New scheme puts sugary drinks in sheep’s clothing

One of the biggest behemoths of “Big Soda” has made a SHOCKING request.   

It’s trying to get the feds on its side… 

And leverage the U.S. government to spiff up its UNHEALTHY image 

Good grief! 

Unfortunately, companies of this size have got teams of lawyers who search NIGHT and DAY for any and every loophole in federal regulations. 

And they’ll defend their product releases and marketing moves TO THE HILT – no matter how WRONG they KNOW they are. 

So far, the feds have kept these appeals at bay… but there’s no telling when they’ll CRACK under the pressure. 

Here’s the information you need to arm yourself with so you don’t buy into the hype. 

Don’t be fooled by ‘healthy’ marketing ploys 

It’s happened before… and it’s made the cereal aisle an absolute JOKE. 

Boxes upon boxes of sweetened flakes… frosted puffs… and sugar-coated “pebbles” are splashed with claims of how NUTRITIOUS they are. 

It creates an INSTANT “halo effect”… and it’s all because Big Food “enriched” this schlock with a few extra vitamins and minerals! 

The FDA hasn’t allowed ALL food companies to add nutrients to their products willy-nilly. 

In fact, the feds have previously called out candy and soda – making it very clear that they could NOT make a health claim.   

But The Coca-Cola Company is looking to change its “junk food” image… 

After releasing “Coca-Cola Plus” with added fiber in Japan — a product that qualifies to receive the country’s “Foods for Specified Health Uses” (FOSHU) label – the company has set its sights on regulators in this country.  

The corporation has asked the FDA for permission to add vitamins to its various beverage brands. 

Now, this Fortune 500 soda giant makes more than just colas 

And it SAYS that it’s asking for this exception so it can “innovate” fizzy drinks, including new carbonated waters, teas, and juices.  

The company doesn’t want its supposed “healthy” carbonated beverages lumped in with its sodas 

But as “healthy” as those non-soda drinks may SOUND… we KNOW what sugar bombs they can be when they’re cranked out by Big Soda companies! 

A bottle of Vitaminwater, for instance, can contain more than 30 grams of sugar. 

Yet the marketers at The Coca-Cola Company would have you think that it’s the HEALTHIEST thing you could drink! 

Unfortunately, adding vitamins and minerals doesn’t offset the unhealthy impact of added sugars or artificial sweeteners. 

There is no “silver bullet” that can do that. 

And it may actually be COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. 

As a result, the beverage maker has been sued for making unsubstantiated health claims regarding Vitaminwater. 

There’s no reason to think that any of its new innovations would be any different.  

Bottom line – there’s nothing any Big Soda company could add to its products to make it “functional.” 

There’s no way that drinking super-sugary beverages can help you… 

And drinking LOTS of them over a LONG period of time will most certainly HARM you 

Want the healthiest form of water you can find?  

Go for spring water in glass bottles… or filter your own. 

To eliminating “junk” from “food,” 

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