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REPLENISH the critical nutrient that’s often DRAINED by taking statins!

When your heart is failing… and your blood is BARELY getting pumped through your body… it’s like your battery is getting drained of all of its “juice.” 

You need a jumpstart.  

I’m not talking about mainlining a cup of coffee first thing in the morning… or taking “uppers” that will give you the jitters and then send you CRASHING. 

There’s a way to get ENERGIZED on a cellular level 

And it’s not some exotic herb or dangerous breakthrough drug.  

It’s a simple way to MAXIMIZE your heart benefits… for as little as 7 CENTS per day! 

But for it to work, you’ve got to get it in EXACTLY the right form.  

Like ‘jumper cables’ for your heart 

We all know by now that coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is one of the heart-healthiest nutrients there is. 

CoQ10 helps your cells produce energy from their own “powerhouses,” known as the mitochondria.  

And to do its job properly… your ticker demands MASSIVE amounts of cellular energy.  

But MILLIONS of seniors watch HELPLESSLY as their CoQ10 levels fall… their energy depletes… and the power drains out of their hearts. 

It’s not “old age”… 

It’s because the statins they’re taking are SUCKING the life out of them! 

To get your CoQ10 levels back up to snuff… and RECLAIM your vitality… you need to take a supplement.  

But did you know that you’ve got a choice of TWO different forms of CoQ10? 

There’s the ACTIVE form… and the INACTIVE form. 

And it’s CRITICAL that you choose the right one. 

You see, regular ol’ CoQ10 (a.k.a. ubiquinone) – the ONLY one most folks know about – is NOT the form that your body can use! 

It’s the inactive one. 

The ACTIVE version of CoQ10 is known as ubiquinol 

It’s got the addition of two hydrogen atoms, so scientists call it CoQ10H2.  

And of the two choices, it’s the one your body can absorb most EASILY 

Because when you ingest CoQ10 in its inactive formyour body has to take the extra step of converting it into ubiquinol! 

The older you get… the more your body STRUGGLES through that conversion process. 

Cut out “the middle man” and take ubiquinol directly.  

A 2018 study out of China found that supplementing with ubiquinol helped older men increase their plasma levels by 150%! 

And all it took was just TWO WEEKS 

Supplementing with CoQ10 over the same amount of time produced NO significant increases.  

Ubiquinol provides yet another benefit that you won’t find in “plain” CoQ10 – it protects your mitochondria from free radical attack. 

That makes ubiquinol a CRUCIAL antioxidant as well.  

And that can make the difference between life and death if you’ve got chronic heart failure 

This “advanced” form of CoQ10 has been on shelves since 2007… 

But most folks have NEVER heard of it. 

At recommended doses of 50 to 200 mg per day (ideally taken before dinner) ubiquinol has shown to be PERFECTLY safe 

You should know that this fat-soluble nutrient HATES water and WON’T dissolve in it. 

So, take ubiquinol with a meal that contains some “good fats. 

There are two additional nutrients you can combine it with: 

  1. alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) 
  2. alpha lipoic acid (ALA) 

They’ll work even BETTER together.