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GONE in 60 seconds: Get the dirt on any doc in 1 minute or less

Just one minute. That’s all you’ll need.

I’m going to let you in on a quick little medical industry secret that has doctors around the nation SEETHING in anger.

I’m going to tell you how to get the truth about your own doctor… where his loyalties lie… and whose side he’s really on.

You’ll be able to this dirt on ANY DOCTOR in the nation — including physicians, surgeons, specialists and more.

And you’ll be able to do it in 60 seconds or less!

Here comes the Sunshine Act

The greatest advance in modern medicine isn’t a new drug or surgery.

It’s not some hot new cancer treatment… a heart disease therapy… or a diabetes advance.

It’s the Sunshine Act, which requires drug companies to disclose payments to physicians… giving patients the dirt on their doctors like never before.

So naturally, the mainstream is absolutely LIVID over it!

They’ve got their blood boiling over a new report that reveals how patient trust has dropped by 2.7% in the wake of this new legislation.

That’s an amazing number, considering MOST patients still don’t even KNOW about this system!

“See?” they’re crying out. “SEE?!?!?!? Patients don’t trust us now that they know we’re getting payoffs from drug companies.”

All I can say is: GOOD!

You absolutely SHOULDN’T trust any doc cashing those checks – because there’s only one word to describe those payments.


Drug companies don’t make those payments for fun…

It’s proven… beyond all doubt… that even SMALL payments influence prescription habits.

One study found a single $20 meal will DOUBLE a doctor’s odds of pushing a pricey name-brand drug over its cheap generic equivalent.

If a doc will sell you out for $20… imagine what the guys who rake in THOUSANDS will do to keep that gravy train chugging down the line.

You don’t even have a chance!

Let me give you two steps that’ll take you off of this crazy train and give you a treatment you can trust again:

  • Go to Google and type in “Open Payments.” You’ll find an online database that has EVERY payment to EVERY doc. Punch in the name of your own physician for the full scoop in a matter of seconds, and if you don’t like what you see…
  • Look for a skilled and experienced naturopathic doctor who isn’t part of this insane system… and who wants to put YOU in charge of your health.

A growing number of Americans are seeking out “alternative” care for everything from pain to chronic disease.

And unlike the eroding trust in mainstream medicine, surveys show they actually LIKE what they’re getting!