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BLAST through bathroom roadblocks with this ancient Asian ‘toilet trick’

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re spending ALL of your time on the toilet.

It’s not that you’re GOING that much.

But you keep TRYING to go… and NOTHING happens.

Constipation happens to all of us at one point or another…

And when it does, you feel bloated… weighed-down… and packed to the gills.

When something does come out, the strain is so uncomfortable… you might wish you could just leave it in there.

You can’t be healthy without regular, productive bowel movements. And those won’t happen if your stool is dry and hard.

Fortunately, there’s a time-tested tonic that will lubricate your stopped-up passages… and get things moving the way they should be.

A 5,000-year-old herb for going ‘number two’

Legend has it that 5,000 years ago, the “divine farmer” Shennong experimented with HUNDREDS of herbs.

And what he found earned him the honorary title of “the father of Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

One of his greatest discoveries is one of the most commonly used Chinese herbs today — the root of the plant Ophiopogon japonicus (a.k.a. Radix ophiopogonis).

The tuber is native not only to China… but also Japan, India, and even Vietnam.

In TCM, it’s known as “Mai men dong”… or simply “Mai Dong” or “maidong.”

And it’s one of the CRUCIAL herbs for relieving constipation.

That’s because of its unique ability to promote your body’s own ability to secrete fluids – thereby moistening your intestines and making it easier for your body waste to come out.

It’s not just a theory…

In a 2017 study, Chinese researchers found that an herbal decoction containing maidong improved intestinal motility in mice.

Translation: The constipated critters that ingested maidong passed larger, softer stools than their control counterparts!

But here’s the REAL genius behind this ancient herb…

It didn’t just force the poop out… but addressed the root cause of the constipation.

The herbal intervention also alleviated mucosal damage… and improved markers associated with smooth muscle contraction in the intestines.

The word “maidong” even translates to mean “pulsation”!

Yet there are ZERO clinical trials being conducted of this ancient herbal cure on humans…

And patients with conditions like IBD and even cancer are SUFFERING from being backed up and having painful bowel movements – because of their conditions or the drugs used to TREAT their conditions!

We already KNOW that maidong is SAFE and WORKS

It’s got 5,000 years of human experience behind it!

And the modern research has proven its anti-inflammatory action, thanks to the polysaccharides and natural steroidal compounds it contains.

Now, NO herb can “cure” constipation if you don’t take the following three steps:

  1. BULK UP on fiber
  2. DRINK UP on water
  3. POWER DOWN on constipation-causing drugs, if you can.

In TCM, maidong is often combined with acupuncture and other Chinese herbs, including the roots of Rehmannia glutinosa, Scrophularia ningpoensis, and Glehnia littoralis.

A Chinese herbalist can come up with the right blend for you and provide fresh or dried tuber to be steeped in water and consumed as a tea.

Or, you can find maidong on its own as a powder or liquid extract online or at your local health food store.