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Send recurrent UTIs packing with this ‘island antidote’

It’s an infection that keeps turning up… just like a bad penny.  

Even your doc doesn’t know how to stop UTIs that keep coming back! 

Sure, if he’s particularly ENLIGHTENED, he might tell you to stay away from refined sugars and carbs 

But he has NO IDEA about an unrefined, PURE starch that can send UTIs packing… FOR GOOD. 

Ask him about it, and he’ll sniff and call this ancient cure a “home remedy.” 

That’s not an insult… 

Because ANYTHING that keeps you OUT of the doctor’s office is a GODSEND! 

And this natural alternative to antibiotics hits a bullseye every time. 

Get to the root of the problem 

If you’ve never heard of arrowroot, you’ve probably NEVER been shot by a poison dart 

Because that’s what it’s been considered MOST useful for… for the last 7,000 years. 

Primitives in Central America figured out how to obtain a starch from the roots of the maranta plant (Maranta arundinacea)dress arrow wounds with it… and draw out the poison to save the victim 

Nowadays, most of our arrowroot production comes out of the West Indies… 

But there’s a reason why its use has spread so far and wide, from the UK to Korea. 

It ABOLISHES one of the peskiest infections that PLAGUES seniors across the globe – UTIs. 

When you were younger, getting a urinary tract infection was painful and annoying… but if it went away, you could move on with your life. 

Too many older gals can’t remember a time when they DIDN’T have a UTI! 

And if you find yourself in long-term care… a FILTHY environment by any standards… you’re in the crosshairs for a UTI that turns septic. 

Don’t let it get to that point.  

Arrowroot can make sure that your UTI is a “one and done”… and give you ultimate FREEDOM from any returning infection. 

You see, arrowroot is prized as an alkalizing agent 

According to a 2015 study, having a higher pH – that is, being more alkaline – improves your ability to stave off bacterial growth 

But that may not be enough on its own… 

So, when UTI-causing bacteria come knocking on your door, arrowroot helps your body take up arms and drive the intruder away. 

Research out of Purdue University demonstrated how arrowroot can actually BREAK THROUGH the cell walls of E. coli … and DESTROY the bacteria… from the INSIDE.   

And the bacterium E. coli is MOST OFTEN the culprit behind UTIs… and frequently resists ALL drug treatments 

That discovery came to light back in 2004…  

And yet your doc still INSISTS on throwing every antibiotic in the book at you! 

On top of that impressive action, arrowroot brings even MORE to the table.  

As a demulcent, it soothes the irritated mucous membranes of your urinary tract… and ERADICATES painful inflammation.  

It’s also naturally immune-boosting, which helps you beat back recurrent infections 

It’s so gentle… you can feed it to a baby.  

Since it’s used as a thickener for cooking, you might also find arrowroot powder in the gluten-free aisle or in a gluten-free specialty store.  

It’s considered a healthier version of cornstarch – but unlike cornstarch, it’s neither grown with GMOs nor extracted using chemical processes  

For the most DIRECT way to reap its health benefits, look for arrowroot – sometimes called “ararot” – in the supplement aisle.  

Pick up two other UTI busters while you’re there: D-mannose and cranberry extract