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Could this livestock ‘brain rot’ steal your precious memories… and your life?

Here we go again. 

Every new piece of information we learn about Alzheimer’s just PROVES how little the mainstream actually knows about the disease.  

And while they dilly-dally in the lab… coming up with COUNTLESS drugs that DON’T WORK… you try to keep a stronghold on the precious memories you’ve got left. 

But as time goes on, more and more of them are slipping away 

What Big Pharma keeps ignoring is that Alzheimer’s is very likely caused by an INFECTION 

I’ve already shared with you the link between herpes simplex virus and memory loss right here in eAlert  

There’s something else – and your doc may NEVER tell you about it OR test you for it! 

Here’s how what you eat could be POISONING your brain. 

Infected… by protein? 

As the ocurrence of Alzheimer’s disease continues to rise in humans, it coincides with another emerging health crisis 

More and more animals are becoming afflicted with transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) 

The latest to hit the animal population is called Chronic Wasting Diseasefirst identified in 1967 and discovered in wild deer in 1981 

We now know that it can infect deer as well as elk and moose, as it has in at least 26 U.S. states (the hardest-hit being Wisconsin) and three Canadian provinces  

There are no REPORTED cases of CWD in people so far…  

But I remember standing back and watching helplessly as mad cow disease (a.k.a. bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE) spread from cattle to our fellow man in 1996 

The mainstream said that would NEVER happen… and RIDICULED those who suggested otherwise.  

Since then, there have been ZERO survivors of the human version of mad cow, Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD). 

And the same thing COULD happen with CWD.  

In fact, it may have ALREADY.  

Because the SAME infection that drives cattle CRAZY… and KILLS them… is SO similar to vCJD and Alzheimer’s, it’s practically INDISTINGUISHABLE from them! 

And CWD may be no exception… 

In ALL cases of TSEs, sponge-like lesions appear on the brain, causing symptoms such as staggering, vision loss, memory loss, and cognitive decline 

The cause of mad cow and CWD… as well as the human-transmitted vCJD… is a pathological misfolding of proteins. 

In animals, the infectious proteins are called “prions.” In humans, they’re referred to as the “plaques and tangles” of amyloid beta and tau proteins. 

They’re very likely the SAME EXACT THING. 

Both replicate despite having NO KNOWN genetic material. Both become progressively TOXIC to the brain.   

NEITHER ONE can be treated with mainstream approaches, like drugs or radiation.  

Could this be the “missing link” that explains everything we don’t know about Alzheimer’s? 

The CDC considers prion diseases rare in humans 

But they might be more common than the feds think – because they’re not counting Alzheimer’s as a prion-based disease, despite the STRIKING characteristics they share.  

We may not be talking about FOUR different diseases… but ONE. 

If you’re suffering from memory loss… don’t fall victim to a MISDIAGNOSIS. 

While there’s no sure-fire way to diagnose Alzheimer’s without conducting an autopsy, your doc can test your blood, cerebral spinal fluid, and skin for certain markers of TSEs. 

It just might not occur to him to do it unless you ask.  

When it comes to “catching” CWD, most of us are probably in the clear. “Wild game” meats like venison, elk, and moose aren’t common staples of MOST of our diets   

Cattle, however, is a different story… 

Ranchers and dairy farmers may not even know their livestock is sick. When infected, cows can seem COMPLETELY FINE… and then DROP DEAD.  

Fortunately, the USDA requires that commercial beef not contain ANY brain, spinal cord, or other central nervous system tissue that might be contaminated with BSE.  

But we know how easily some things can slip through the cracks when it comes to the feds. 

So, beware of livestock that’s been given “unnatural feed” – which may include discarded cattle parts that these herbivores are FORCED to eat.  

Choose meat and dairy products ONLY from organic, grass-fed sources.