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[Senior Alert] Weight-loss surgery can SMASH you to SMITHEREENS!

When you’ve carrying around some extra weight for a while… and no diet has worked to lighten your load… mainstream hacks get dollar signs in their eyes.  

They take you for a SUCKER. 

They’ll start pitching you on bariatric surgery as a life-changing solution to ALL your problems… 

And if you buy what they’re selling, you won’t find out that what you’ve gotten is a lemon – until it’s TOO LATE. 

Because one procedure in particular can cause your body to BREAK DOWN. 

The mainstream calls it an “unintended consequence of weight-loss surgery 

Don’t let them make light of how devastating it can be.  

You’ll suffer paindisability… and loss of independence as a result.  

And your quality of life will take a nosedive.  

Here’s how to avoid spending the rest of your days FRAIL and FRAGILE. 

Shatter-proof your bones 

No matter how old you get, they just won’t leave you alone. 

You could have just 10 or 20 years left in you… and they’ll still try to convince you to go under the knife.  

The latest medical scam that’s increasingly being peddled to seniors is weight-loss surgery, a.k.a. bariatric surgery 

The mainstream has been touting its benefits for older folks for a few years now… without ANY idea of how safe it is later in life. 

In fact, a new report published in a recent issue of JAMA Surgery may be the FIRST to assess one particular risk among bariatric patients older than age 65. 


As you get older, you’re ALREADY at an increased risk for fractures 

Those who are obese are more likely to break their bones, too – especially the weight-bearing ones in their lower extremities (such as knee, foot, ankle, and leg). 

But according to a 2017 study, that changes AFTER surgery – when they were more likely to have fractures typical of osteoporosis. 

And this latest analysis confirms that scary finding! 

Those nonvertebral fractures include the hip, wrist, and pelvis 

And as you know, a broken hip is the most devastating bone break you can experience. It can even KILL you.  

The headlines are breathless over the newly reported 73% increased risk of bone breaks associated with gastric bypass, compared to gastric band surgery.  

I smelled a rat… 

Because this study REEKS of an attempt to sell ONE form of bariatric surgery over another! 

We’ve known for years that gastric bypass is associated with a 40 to 50% increased risk of hip and wrist fractures. 

And it DEFINITELY has something to do with the bone-density declines in the initial two years following bypass surgery 

Post-surgical bone loss can continue up to five years.  

That’s because bypass surgery is associated with two NUTRITIONAL changes in your body:  

  1. improper absorption of calcium  
  2. deficiency of vitamin D. 

Even the mainstream agrees that supplementing with calcium and vitamin D can slow down bariatric surgery-related bone loss.  

But slowing it down isn’t enough to STOP the fractures… and SAVE your independence. 

Of course, your doc will use this as an excuse to sell you on getting regular bone scans 

The mainstream might even use this study as ammunition to push bone drugs on bariatric patients – despite the fact that those meds ALSO increase your fracture risk! 

If you don’t want to end up with a lemon, don’t even VISIT the used-car lot. 

See a naturopathic doctor about your struggles to lose weight. It could be a hormonal imbalance… drug side effect… or symptom of a larger problem. 

With the right dietary approach combined with nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes (including getting a little movement in), you can dodge the bariatric bullet. 

And don’t forget the calcium and vitamin D… as well as magnesium and vitamin K!