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[EXPOSED] Common ‘ticker treatment’ is a ticking TIME BOMB for your brain!

Ever notice how the older you get… the YOUNGER your docs become? 

Where do they get off, being so BOSSY? 

They THINK they know everything.  

But they don’t have a SLIVER of the life experience that you do.  

So, when your heart doc gets on your case about taking a “baby aspirin” every day… don’t HESITATE to teach him a little lesson. 

Because even the LOWEST doses of aspirin taken daily can MAGNIFY your risk for a debilitating brain bleed. 

He’ll tell you that the benefits outweigh the risks 

OF COURSE he will. That’s what the mainstream ALWAYS says about ALL their drugs! 

Don’t let him BULLY you.  

You’re no dummy… and you’re not a push over. 

Push back at him with the latest FACTS – and tell him which NATURAL heart-boosters you’re taking instead. 

A tsunami of head bleeds, explained 

For ages, we’ve been told that even if you have NO history of cardiovascular disease or stroke… you should take low-dose aspirin every day for primary prevention. 

You’ve shown ZERO symptoms of heart diseaseyet your doc has slapped an “at risk” label on your forehead. 

And you know what’s next… 

Down the hatch.  

But according to the latest startling report, that daily habit can put you in the crosshairs for intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) 

This type of brain bleed accounts for 8 to 13% of all strokes… and it comes with a high risk of mortality 

If you survive it, the lasting effects can RUIN the rest of your life 

It’s really not surprising, considering what we know about how aspirin can also make your stomach bleed. 

And the new report on brain bleeds isn’t some little statistical blip, either 

This latest 50-year meta-analysis… which involved 13 human clinical trials and more than 130,000 patients… found that the risk of ICH was nearly 40% higher in the aspirin-takers, compared with those taking placebo or nothing at all. 

That means for every 1000 participants, there were an average of TWO extra cases of ICH

If it happens to you, it could be within just two years of starting up on aspirin… or beyond eight years. 

And by then, you’ve been taking aspirin at low dosages for so long… you may have NO IDEA what hit you.   

After all, it can happen at dosages of less than 100 mg per day. 

That’s SUPPOSED to be SAFE!

But it’s not. 

The greatest risk increase was found for subdural hemorrhage (a.k.a. hematoma) or extradural hemorrhage (a.k.a. epidural hematoma) – both of which are usually a result of a severe head injury 

Even if you’ve NEVER hit your head in a car accident or fall… taking aspirin can beat you up FROM THE INSIDE. 

The researchers behind this review call the magnitude of the adverse events “modest”… 

Tell that to a patient whose BRAIN is BLEEDING! 

Fortunately, they also acknowledge that their findings are “clinically significant” – and they even offer a solution. 

Ditch the cheap aspirin, they say, and switch to pricey BP meds and cholesterol-lowering statins! 

And if you’ve already got cardiovascular disease… have shown symptoms or survived an “event” (like a heart attack)… keep taking THEM ALL! 

The jig is up. 

In many cases, NONE of these approaches are necessary! 

Just last year, a study that was BANKROLLED by aspirin maker Bayer found that the drug FAILS in healthy people 

To KEEP your heart healthy… and stop brain bleeds before they start… talk to your doc about a supplement routine that can support a healthy cardiovascular and neurological system. 

Some hero nutrients for both these purposes include: 

  • CoQ10 
  • omega-3 fatty acids 
  • magnesium, and 
  • resveratrol. 

Any one of them would be fantastic on its own. Look for a cardiovascular support formula that contains the PERFECT combination of them, as certain nutrients can often help others work better.