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SHOCK your dentist on your next visit with this daily dose of ‘wood oil’

You’ve spent more money than you’d ever care to… just to try to keep your teeth.

When scrubbing your teeth every day with a regular toothbrush wasn’t enough, you invested in a “sonic” one.

When flossing every day couldn’t keep your gums from bleeding, you emptied your pockets on an “irrigator”… and suffered through the cruelty of Chinese water torture.

And yet your dentist STILL gives you the business every time you go in for a cleaning!

You’ve got to do something ELSE – and not just to get the tooth doctor off your back.

Your oral health is closely tied with your OVERALL health.

And if you want to live long into your “golden years”… without spending agonizing hours in “the chair”… I’ve got a crazy mouthwash trick for you.

It’ll clean your teeth and gums better than even the most powerful detergent in your dentist’s office!

Start swishing with THIS crazy mouthwash

If you’re still swishing Listerine or some antiseptic oral rinse around your mouth, you’re wasting your time – and money.

It might seem like a quick fix for “garlic breath” or “morning mouth”…

But it won’t provide the power-wash you need for PREMIUM dental health over the long term.

There’s something else that will.

It’s a special way of “washing” your mouth… and it’s even MORE effective at removing bacteria and freshening your breath than flossing.

It’s called oil pulling – because you take a small amount of a special kind of oil and move it around your mouth, just like mouthwash.

As you “pull” the oil out from between your teeth, it sweeps away the stinky plaque that gives you bad breath… inflamed gums… and tooth decay.

And as it increases the flow of saliva in your mouth, it helps ERADICATE the oral bacteria that causes plaque formation.

In Ayurvedic medicine… where oil pulling is called “gandusha”… most folks use coconut oil as the standard “mouthwash” ingredient for oil pulling.

But according to traditional Brazilian herbal medicine, the secret ingredient for a sparkling clean mouth is an essential oil made from the resin of the copaiba tree.

Documentation shows that copaiba oil has been used medicinally in South American since at least 1625 – but that’s just when European explorers first observed it.

The indigenous people of Brazil (and beyond) have relied on copaiba oil for FAR longer than that.

A natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, it can soothe your red, swollen, and sore gums.

But according to a 2012 study published in the Brazilian Dental Journal, copaiba oil can also SLAM the brakes on dental cavities by stopping bacteria like Streptococcus mutans from reproducing.

Compare that to chlorhexidine, the clinical-grade oral rinse that mainstream dentists and periodontists prefer.

Even a low concentration of copaiba oil was AS EFFECTIVE as 0.12% chlorhexidine against S. mutans.

Copaiba oil is such a STEALTH dental assassin that strains of S. mutans can’t figure out how to resist it… the way they have with chlorhexidine.

And unlike chlorhexidine, you can use copaiba oil as part of your daily oil pulling routine… for the rest of your life… with ZERO side effects.

While chlorhexidine can actually stain your teeth if you don’t brush vigorously afterwards, oil pulling with copaiba will make your pearly whites SPARKLE!

Chlorhexidine can be TOXIC to the healthy cells inside your mouth… causing oral irritation and even changing the way your taste buds work.

But the nature of copaiba oil is actually so REPARATIVE… Brazilian researchers have pioneered its use as a root canal sealer!

If you’ve ever had a root canal, you know how regular synthetic sealers can IRRITATE your delicate tissues.

They may even SABOTAGE the healing process… and the overall success of the procedure!

And the last thing you want to do is go in for ANOTHER root canal.

But in an in vitro study published in 2015 , a copaiba oil-resin based root canal sealer fit the ideal requirements of the American Dental Association better than ANY other material being used by oral surgeons today!

This “wood oil” is A LOT more compatible with the natural environment inside your mouth… and its aroma is calming, to boot.

The essential oil from copaiba resin (sometimes referred to as “copaiba balsam”) usually comes from one of three species of Brazilian trees:

• Copaifera officinalis
• Copaifera langsdorffii, and
• Copaifera reticulata.

Make sure you get 100% therapeutic grade oil that’s ideally been certified organic.

You can add one or two drops to make your water, tea or smoothie extra healthy.

For oil pulling, take a tablespoon of oil and swish it around your mouth… “pulling” the oil between your teeth… for at least 10 minutes.

Spit the oil in the trash, rinse, and flash that winning smile!