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Could this ‘Black Death’ cure be the key to CONQUERING cancer?

As scary as a cancer diagnosis is… it’s by no means a death sentence.

And you’re not a lost cause.

We have SO MANY ways of overcoming the disease… and we’re learning more and more every day.

Cancer seems like the worst that could possibly happen — but history shows us how we can recover from something MUCH WORSE.

All it takes is the PERFECT combination of ESSENTIAL ingredients… in just the RIGHT amounts.

Take, for instance, the bubonic plague pandemic of the Middle Ages.

Doctors chose to save themselves… and refused to treat the sick, who were doomed to die anyway. Priests who didn’t want to “catch” anything DENIED them their last rites, too.

That all changed, however, when a band of four thieves were caught on a looting spree – stealing everything they could from the homes and even graves of victims of the “Black Death.”

Legend has it that these graverobbers were in the perfumery and spice trades… and they used their know-how to cover themselves in an oil blend that kept them from EVER getting sick.

But this healing oil wasn’t just a folk remedy in archaic times. Its use has PERSISTED since the late 14th century.

And we’ve barely just BEGUN to find out how it could take down cancer… just like it did with the plague.

The graverobbers’ secret

Traditionally, this so-called “thieves’ oil” is a blend of five ESSENTIAL oils:

1. clove (distillation of the leaves of Syzygium aromaticum)
2. cinnamon bark (from Cinnamon zeylanicum trees)
3. eucalyptus (distillation from the dried leaves of Eucalyptus globulus)
4. lemon peel, and
5. rosemary (aerial parts of the Rosmarinus officinalis)

And it turns out that these superstar ingredients have a lot in common with each other.

There’s a compound called carvacrol that’s found in clove, eucalyptus, and lemon oil… and it’s CRITICAL to WINNING your cancer battle.

It beats back inflammation by inhibiting the expression of the COX-2 enzyme. And, as you know, nearly every case of cancer is rooted in an overabundance of inflammation.

ANY anti-inflammatory could be used as a weapon against cancer.

But the combination of ALL of these ingredients puts thieves’ oil ahead of the pack…

Because according to a 2018 in vitro study, thieves’ oil can KILL certain types of breast cancer cells.

The researchers also tested each of the constituents of thieves’ oil individually… and found the most potent ones to be clove and cinnamon.

They both contain a powerful anti-cancer compound known as eugenol, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well.

In fact, clove is known for having the second-highest antioxidant capacity of ALL foods!

Eugenol becomes an even STRONGER ally against cancer, however, when combined with other volatile and aromatic compounds in thieves’ oil — like limonene from lemon peel and eucalyptol from eucalyptus and rosemary.

But when it comes to cancer, research has shown that it’s the entirety of the essential oil you want – not just isolated versions of its cancer-fighting compounds.

A 2012 study published in Molecules found that when compared to its compounds (pinene, eucalyptol) on their own, rosemary essential oil as a whole was the MOST TOXIC against human ovarian and liver cancer cell lines.

You can get thieves’ oil from a quality manufacturer of essential oils, either in the supplement aisle or online.

Although thieves’ oil has many topical and aromatherapeutic applications, you’ll want to get food-grade oil to ingest as part of your cancer-fighting protocol.

Drinking a bottle of water with just one drop of oil mixed into it can keep your immune system in good fighting condition.

Sip on your infused water all day long… or add a few drops of thieves’ oil into an empty gelatin or vegetarian capsule and swallow it with plenty of water.