Heal hidden kidney infections with this colorful ‘pee weed’

Edema is an uncomfortable condition that can hit several different parts of your body.

But it’s not really a disease on its own.

More often than not, it’s a symptom of another condition.

The swelling you experience… in your extremities or even your belly… might be a sign that something’s wrong with your kidneys!

When your kidneys can’t filter your blood properly, waste products build up… sometimes to dangerously high levels.

And excess fluid can even build up in your lungs.

Taking a diuretic can help you eliminate more when you go to the bathroom…

But there’s one STUNNER of a natural cure that can accomplish what no “water pill” can.

It gets the waste outbeats back the inflammation… and ERASES the root cause of your kidney troubles.

An Aztec marvel for the ages

The ornamental flower “Marvel of Peru” (Mirabilis jalapa)was first cultivated for medicinal purposes by the Aztecs.

“Mirabilis” is the Latin word for “wonderful”… but it’s gotten the nickname “4 o’clock flower” because its buds usually open from late afternoon or at dusk.

Nearly every language has its own take on the name – including “night flower” in Greek, “evening blossom” in Thai, and “night beauty” in Bulgarian.

And it is beautiful…

But where it grows in dry tropical regions of Central and South America, sugarcane growers consider it a weed in their fields — no matter how colorful the blossoms are!

Fortunately, ancient Peruvians didn’t try to eradicate this floral marvel.

Instead, they discovered the diuretic powers of its roots and leaves.

And they’ve been used in folk medicine to alleviate edema ever since.

Marvel of Peru doesn’t just “make you pee”…

It gets to the SOURCE of your swelling in two CRUCIAL ways:

  1. Its potent anti-inflammatory powers can ZERO IN on your kidneys, the biggest workhorses of all your internal organs. When inflamed, they’re also one of the most common causes of edema.
  2. It exhibits impressive antimicrobial activity, thanks to the presence of plant compounds like alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, and especially tannins. In fact, it targets the mechanism used by bacteria like Staphylococcus aureusto resist the effects of antibiotics. That’s right — this skin infection can and does set up shop in your kidneys!

Your kidneys can BOUNCE BACK… and you’ll stop DROWNING in your own fluids.

Marvel of Peru isn’t widely available as a patented extract in supplement form. So, make sure you work with a certified herbalist to come up with the right treatment plan for you.