Computers could BOTCH your treatment… and send you to an EARLY GRAVE!

We’ve all been there…

You FINALLY get in to see your doc… and he’s got his head buried in a computer screen as he clicks and swipes away.

He hasn’t even made eye contact with you.

The “digital age” has drained all the CARE out of HEALTHCARE!

A decade ago, the U.S. government bankrolled the adoption of new software for your doc and nearly every medical provider out there to use.

Digitizing your medical records was supposed to make your health care better, safer, and cheaper… and make the incidences of medical errors take a NOSEDIVE.

According to a shocking new exposé, the reality is much, much graver.

The dangers of this new-fangled technology are UNPRECEDENTED.

You could be misdiagnosedprescribed the WRONG drug… or TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE of the right drug.

Your doc could order a lifesaving test that NEVER happens… and lab results could disappear into the ether.

And these newly-adopted “electronic” medical records are KILLING patients.

Behind closed doors, everybody’s pointing fingers at each other… and NO ONE will publicly accept ONE BIT of the blame.

Here’s the scary truth your doc will NEVER admit…

The cutting edge… of broken records

In 2009, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act established the Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program.

They promised that “going digital” would SAVE LIVES.

But something went wrong…

Software glitches, user errors, and other flaws across the board have been tied to THOUSANDS of patient deaths and serious injuries.

Even if the software works PERFECTLY… your doc might not know how to use it… or get it to “talk” to ones at other locations, like a lab or the ER.

And instead of SAVING money, these computer programs can actually make it easier for your provider to OVERBILL you!

One of America’s leading sellers of record-keeping software for docs has already been forced to pay $155 million  to the government for making FRAUDULENT claims about what its software can do.

But this problem goes WAY beyond one dishonest company.

In a corporate cash grab, more than 700 vendors jumped at the chance to create and sell proprietary EHR systems.

The bonanza created a $13-billion-a-year industry – one that’s been more focused on pitching medical providers than making sure the product actually DELIVERS on its promises.

And the switch has now been made by a whopping 96% of hospitals and 850,000 American healthcare providers.

The FDA doesn’t currently require anyone to report a problem with using electronic health records programs. And the agency as ZERO oversight over the booming industry.

But providers are having SO many series issues with EHR that they’re filing complaints anyway — in a database that’s intended for medical devices only.

Industry experts estimate that such incidents are still severely underreported… because early every medical provider who uses this technology is under a GAG ORDER!

Look, handwritten notes have never been perfect. The use of paper charts was fraught with problems.

But it’s now more important than ever that you get access to your medical records… and keep a PAPER copy with you at all times for emergencies.

Request them from your doc TODAY – before you need them. You may be able to log into your “patient portal” and download them straight from there.

If ANYTHING looks “off,” start asking questions.

Because you’ll want to raise the flag about any tests you SHOULD’VE received… but DIDN’T

Or any allergies or other risk factors (like clotting) that are MISSING from your file.