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Make your stress-busting plan IRONCLAD with this herb of divinity

We all buckle under the pressure now and then…

Times like these, it’s impossible NOT to.

But no matter WHAT is stressing you out, you DON’T need to take a “chill pill”… or get “zoned out” with an Rx for “sunshine in a bottle.”

Because there’s a miracle plant that can ease tension… and support your mood… just enough to keep you going strong.

And this uplifting herb has been chasing the demons away for eons!

Here’s how it can work for you.

Rest easy with this herbal ritual

Vervain is a divine flower… perhaps best-known for healing the physical wounds of Christ when he was crucified on the Mount of Cavalry.

That’s why it’s often called “herb of the cross.”

But its healing powers go WAY deeper…

The ancient Romans acknowledged it as a sacred plant (or “herba sacra”) and even used it to bless their altars.

Known in the herbal medicine world by its scientific name, Verbena officinalis, vervain – or “wild verbena” – literally comes from the Latin phrase for “sacred bough.”

The ancient Egyptians used it, too, as an essential part of their temple rites.

But as much as its historical use in antiquity might seem a bit mystical, we have the Germans to thank for introducing us to the practical application of vervain.

Especially when it comes to shouldering a lot of stress.

The German word for vervain is “Eisenkraut,” which literally translates to mean “iron herb.”

That has nothing to do with the presence of the essential mineral in the herb. Vervain contains ZERO iron.

But vervain has a history of being added in the smelting process to help harden iron and make it last longer.

And it can do the same for your own mental constitution.

The Roman herbalist Pliny the Elder identified it as a mild antidepressant… making it perfect for when you need just a little boost(and not a sledgehammer, like most of Big Pharma’s mood meds).

Vervain contains a number of mood-boosting compounds, including:

  • caffeic acid, an antioxidant with antidepressant effects
  • ursolic acid, which a 2015 study showed to reduce anxiety in mice similarly to Valium
  • citral, a volatile oil that contributes aroma and fights anxiety
  • aucubin, an anti-inflammatory

Once your mood improves, you’re certain to sleep better… but vervain has got its own ways to help with that, too.

It contains at least three compounds that are known to promote sleep – including the neurotransmitter adenosine and the sugar compounds hastatoside and verbenalin.

In a 2016 study, vervain helped mice fall asleep faster… and STAY asleep longer.

And this purifying herb can do the same for you.

To reduce stress and combat anxiety, take vervain as a tincture or drink it as a tea for the most potent effect.

You can also find it as a supplement in capsule form, though it may be labeled as “verbena.”

Note that it’s an entirely different plant than – though a cousin of – lemon verbena, so they’re not interchangeable.